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At Acceleration Partners, we lead the next generation of affiliate marketing. is one of the best affiliate marketing agencies in India with a huge network of publishers. The management of affiliate programs is the exclusive focus of our agency, and has been for years. High quality affiliate marketing services will drive your business forward. Research and build the perfect affiliate network for your business.

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Working with the right publisher is vital to maximize the affiliate channel's power. We are distinguished by our holistic view, which consists of approaching strategically positioned publisher through our qualified PR and affiliate group. Should you feel that our franchise could be beneficial to your business, please write us a short message and let us discuss the business plan.

Mr. Hobbs asked us to achieve their aggressive goals for our company in terms of strategic direction. We' ve teamed up with Amoena to drive brands and revenues through our branded marketing and premium sales. It was our aim to grow our overall sales of online services (SEO) and to enable excellent links via our marketing and PR activities. The Instant Offices asked us to take their services to the next stage and generate an extra 20% of sales.

It was a big challange, especially since we already had top ranking in 90% of the 1000 top towns and 400% economic expansion over a 4 year horizon. We were tasked by Instant with taking over our acquisition of SonyEO and implementing a strategic plan that would complement their aggressively growing businesses. It was our mission to improve the volumes and qualities of our sales, while at the same time lowering our sales cost and raising the overall visibility of our brands in order to raise their profile in their destinations.

To maximize ROI and revenues generate, we have developed and executed a strategic approach. Concentrating on winning new customers, we leveraged our strengths in terms of strategic direction, creative and digital PR to achieve our goals. And Soak asked us to take over our company's management of operations and aggressively grow it within the company's own channels. The challenge for Sopra Bank was to raise their image through digital PR and demonstrate that it could bring strong leadership development to the world' s banks.

Mr. Hobbs asked us to step up the recruitment of new customers and achieved an ambitioned sales goal with the same budgets as last year. As a result, we launched an intensively granular and imaginative, multi-layered on-site SOE, PR and pay medium approach. MediaVision was asked by Amoena to develop an internationally best practices deployment plan with less budgets than last year.

It also wanted to concentrate strongly on the USA, where it wanted to establish a strong foothold. Our multi-channel approach includes pay medium, as well as advanced search, analytics and e-commerce. Our sales growth rate was significantly higher than in the previous year, with a sales growth rate of around EUR 1.5 billion. We succeeded in achieving excellent results with a sales growth plan that worked in seven different markets and in six different foreign language versions.

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