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So, how can you start with Facebook affiliate marketing? Learn how to set up an effective Facebook advertising campaign for just a few dollars a day. The Facebook algorithm: the more authentic the interaction, the more the contribution is seen by others. Ads on Facebook for affiliate marketers: Learn how to set up an effective Facebook advertising campaign for just a few dollars a day.

May Facebook Ads Experience - 500% ROI and how to win 1,000 supporters

Updated: Find out how I built a blogs and increased from 0 to 1,000 hits per day in just 10 days: When you have an authorization or a slotlog and are not thinking about using Facebook, you will consider it after you have read this article. I' ve been doing Facebook commercials and some other things for the last 2 month and I reveal all my results in this article.

Personally, I only post an item or picture by chance from on occasion, but I'm not really busy with my Facebook audiences as I should be. Well, dear people, today we're going to be talking about Facebook ads and campaigning. Here is an example that you may have seen in your everyday use of Facebook several hundred or even thousand times:

If you haven't seen these ads, you're either blindfolded or don't use Facebook as much. Facebook ads can be seen even when you are surfing on your favourite phone, and currently there is no way to prevent them because Facebook is not on the paid-for way, and they probably won't be. Advertising on Facebook may not look like the big thing, but there are some geeks and real estate agents who make a lot of bucks with it.

And so I figured it was a good idea to try it out. A little cash maybe, but it should make sense for a case file. Even sometimes Google couldn't authorize you for a few even a few weeks. But on the other side, it seems simpler to drive on Facebook, even though it's the first PPC (Pay per Click) type of you.

Essentially, you simply open your Facebook Firewall and choose "Facebook ads" or "Ad Manager" from the menus on the far left. Or if you have a fan page for your blogs or niches, you've probably seen these ads on Facebook that tell you to increase your audiences or add a story under each listing you make.

No matter what you select, it will take you to the Ad Manager, where you can build your new album. On Facebook you will be asked some simple question and you will see that it is really simple to comprehend. There is no need to be a marketinguru or a technical expert to complete the online marketing request forms. You can dial Facebook from here:

If this is the first use of Facebook advertising, I really suggest that you choose the first one. Since Facebook likes to keep its supporters and the visitors on Facebook, it approves your first ad within a few moments or even more. When you choose an outside address, be ready to delay for a long period of getting approval (it took 12-24 hrs for me) if they do.

And Facebook links and supporters can be inexpensive if they are done right. Normally you will see that Facebook gives you an avarage fanfare. You can see they offer me somewhere between 45 and 182 new supporters a night if I choose to buy 10 dollars a night. Then it would be $300 a million a month, and I know that many of you are not willing to give that amount of cash to the public of a blogs, but don't be afraid.

And Facebook can be a whole hell of a hell of a lot cheaper than that. When we do some arithmetic, it means that I can get a new fan for $0.22 Cent or almost 5 fan per dollars, which is not too bad. What I mean is that I can get a new fan for $0.22 Cent or almost 5 fan per dollars, which is not too good. On the positive side, if I get 182 matches per diem, it means that every match costs me $0. 054 or about 20 new supporters per buck.

Obviously, a Facebook supporter isn't as precious as an e-mail leader, but you have the benefit of getting high-ranking supporters from the land, ages, sexes, and interests for your blogs instead of the "high responsive, buyers involved " lists you'll see in the Warrior Forum.

If you can get from 50 to 100 supporters per dollar, then you only need about 20 dollars to increase your Facebook fan page to 1,000 supporters. Like I' ve already said to you, the keys are to get the highest amount of trackers that only spend a few dollars and make them focused and pertinent to your particular area.

So, if you advertise a slot fan page about making cash on the Internet, you should address those who are from premier economies interested in making profit in a shorter period of your life. I' d address folks between the ages of 22 and 35 because 22 years ago they were probably college kids with no cash or credits to pay, and 35 because sometimes "old" folks just don't have any way of trusting anyone to make a living, or they're just too preoccupied to take good care of their families to see our ads if they ever use Facebook.

I used to have only about 90 supporters, so it's about 400 more. Personally, I did create my own ad and allowed Facebook to use my fan page artwork by default, and add a dull annotation. About 30 new supporters joined me in one single trading session and I ended up spending about $3.

Given the fact that I now pay a devoted server for my blog, $3 is almost nothing and I can make more than that in a few moments with Google Adsense or an affiliate Selling. I also made the error of choosing only US enthusiasts who are 18-40 years old and interested in "Google, Organic Trafic and Search Engine Optimization".

So, as I watched my Facebook screen, I began to see the ads that appeared to me, and here's what I noted: Most of the ads shown above refer to sellingEO, making cash on-line, MLM networking and app creation. Below are some hints that I have collected and that work very well when designing campaigns:

Begin with 2-5 different pictures. Address them to the same public, but with different pictures. You should always use a finite amount of your own advertising space or a finite daily amount of money. First try to use an in-house marketing tool and then a marketing tool on an outside website or website. Choose always very purposeful supporters.

Don't try to reach a wider public that loves all technologies in general because you get fewer hits and inferior supporters. And even with a very focused choice, you have at least a few hundred thousand - if not a million - of supporters to advertise for. Once you've created your ad campaigns, you can see them on Facebook Ads Manager.

When you have chosen to use Sponsored Histories, you will see 2 campaign. Observe how I have organized my campaign and there is a ceiling on my spend because I don't want any surprise on my bankroll. Actually, I suggest you review your budgetary limits the first times you use Facebook advertising because something strange happens to me.

When I first began Facebook advertising, I got everything ready and fixed a $10 a day cap. I wanted the 48-hour long operation, so I wanted to buy $20 up. At 1am I stopped the preparation of my own ad at the beginning of the morning, so that the ad would almost begin at the same moment when the morning would begin for me, and then I went to bed.

Now we have winning promotions that spend over $500 a head with Facebook ads every die. On Facebook, they said that the limits I used were too low and they "recommended" me to use them. You changed the limits yourself and I was amazed the next mornings when I had already paid more than $10 and just got 30 new people.

At the top of the chart I can see that on the first two days I got about $150 new supporters, and on the second following the change in my Facebook preferences I only have 30 people. But that was the only way it ever occurred to me. These days, even if I put the $1 mark on the limits, Facebook won't "recommend" anything else, so I just felt secure.

Therefore I have 3 different pictures and 3 different campaign for you. They all had the same descriptions and were geared to the same country, age group and interests. Only thing that would change was the picture where I used a computer with a graphic, a pretty woman and a computer with cash instead of just my front page.

Because I wanted to pay a $3 per night limit, I ran it for almost 10 nights for a $30 bill. You can see I have between 50 and 150 supporters a night. Fifty for $3 is as inexpensive as $0. 06 per one. But getting 150 supporters for $3 means I paid $0.02 per support.

Like you can see in the graphic, the first few day are usually better, because after a few day they will see the picture and either go blank or because they already liked your page, they won't click on it anymore and the CTR will be lower. What I suggest first is to have at least 5 to 10 different pictures ready and use them all at the same moment, or another thing you can do is run 3 concurrent actions like me, but run them only 3 whole day and then run new actions with new pictures and run them again.

In this way you will probably get more supporters per imprint and your PC will be lower. Actually, if you get good at it, you can lower your number of CPCs to 0.01 and then get 1,000 dedicated supporters for as little as $10. However, if you can win supporters for a prize of $0.02-$0.04, you should already be lucky.

If you have chosen the best pictures and description for your fan page and know that these pictures work really well (high and low CTR) then you can build a new promotion and choose a CPM instead of pay for CPM. In this way, it won't make any difference if the pictures get old after a few working hours, because Facebook doesn't calculate you according to the number of views - they are calculated for clicking - and you will be spending even less or at least you will always get a good amount of new follower per tag.

There is another way to use Facebook advertising not only to boost your fan base, but also to earn lead and even cash. Since Facebook allows you to build highly focused ads, and the whole thing is easier than Google Adwords, I experimented a great deal with it to get good results. Turns out it's pretty "easy" to make some cash with Facebook advertising if you pick the right partner/promotion/offer and again pick the best picture and the best job title for your ad.

Now that you promote a straight to your website page, you want to make the most of it because you won't get new supporters with this one. Either you make something so they track you to a Twitter/Facebook/whatever your accounts are, or you turn them into e-mailers. I' ve done some planning pages with 2 great WordPress plugs, which I suggest.

Allow me to tell you that Facebook does not authorize your ad if you directly use an affiliate direct to a listing. Instead you have to create your own page and you have 2 options: First of all, I'd like to show you an example of a good conversion page I've seen in my Facebook screen over and over again:

They use a backdrop with a sexy little woman on the shore because you know...we all enjoy working on the shore with our laptop computers while making a lot of cash, don't we? In any case, with Hybrid Connect I was able to build a single page like this within a few moments.

Normally, I use Hybrid Connect to build fast, interactive opt-in forums on many web sites and easily place them anywhere (sidebar, posting, feature boxes, homepage, etc.). Best of all, Hybrid Connect allows you to build more than one form and distribute them evenly.

I wanted to become a professional and make nice land pages for this test, so I chose Optimize Press 2.0. 1. 0 was a topic that enabled you to build landing pages, sale pages, squeeze pages and all related pages, as well as member pages. You would have to buy a specific domainname just to make all your landings pages.

Zero fixed that by making a plug-in release and upgrading all the template with portable and easy releases that I liked from the moment I saw the film. I was really cautious for this new test to choose a partner who would give me good results and who could provide an all-in-one lead management system.

Now Squarespace is paying $100 per affiliate sign-up, but for the service they provide and the audience they're meant for, I thought it was really valuable. Therefore I have meticulously designed my campaign by selecting men and women between 23 and 35 years (credit cards are required), and then I have chosen a really easy but focused niche: photographs and designer.

I had a $20 ballpark fund and a 48-hour drive. And I know that many designer and photographer want to build their portfolio on-line and some of them are paying a lot. but you understand the concept.

As we now refer Facebook people to an outside page and you cannot directly advertise an affiliate hyperlink, I have 2 pages with Optimize 2.0 made. There were similar titles/contents on both pages and a tape with the Squarespace. Once they had received their e-mail, they were diverted to a third target page, which was essentially the same as the one with the badge, so they could immediately launch their evaluation version, but I had already received their e-mail to get in touch with them in the near term.

Here is the first page with the FREE trials button: As Squarespace has recently modified its affiliate programme and trackers, it is difficult for me to know if I have received more upgrades after 2 week (when the 14 day free evaluation expires). Particularly since it took me about 15 mins to set up my Facebook campaign, 30 mins to set up the land pages, about 8 hrs to get them Facebook approval, and 48 hrs to make a $80 win.

I could flush and refresh, or just pay more for the same promotion (but keep in mind to make several promotion with different pictures, or you will reduce your CPC and CTR after a few days), I could earn at least $30 per additional per year. I' ve already given you some hints, but here too pictures and description are crucial.

By creating a similar image collection, I would be able to isolate men from women and select different pictures for each one. I would also make sure that I used a better tracker/plug-in or maybe a partner with better tracker capabilities. Also I would be spending $20 over 5 instead of 2 instead of 5 to maximise my CPC and CTR, and now that I know the free test buttons work better, I would be sending all my traffics to this target page.

This means to spend 20 dollars and get about 300 dollars for it in 5 working days. Great, and if you can flush and replicate this for many different campaign, partners and niche markets, you could invest a great deal of cash per dollar per week per single working day. What's more, you could also invest a great deal of cash per dollar per week per single working day. A few more things I'd like to try in the near term are the creation of land pages directly on my Facebook fan page, instead of putting them on an outside links.

This means no Facebook advertising and no spending moneys. Obviously it hasn't started so well, but I have improved over the years and have risen from $50 (May) to $200 at this point (October). However, the point here is that I found some very good people in some boards and I had 10 million Facebook supporters in separate Facebook fan pages (all between 200k and 2 million fans).

And so I figured I'd do a little FREE camping action with these guys and see if I could get at least 500 lead filters in a whole weeks. Its supposed to be simple to get 500 supporters to make cash on-line and earn 10 million total subscriptions to our site, right? Now, I was able to run my postings on Facebook a few days a year ( probably about 4-6 days a week) and I rerouted them to a landing page to get their emails if they were interested in the MMO alcove.

There are almost a thousand people subscribing in a single weeks, while I do anything but advertise this page to 10 million people. They weren't target supporters or anything. Actually these fan pages are mainly for memories, fun pics and nice pics. I knew I could earn some cash and subscriptions from there.

As a matter of fact, an item already exists a few hundred dollars a months with my bluehost affiliate link. But the point is that I got this free promotional while I found some of my friend who usually plays in the Facebook store all the while. I' d be uploading some fun pictures to their fan pages and in exchange I' d be able to advertise my page to hundred thousand supporters a few days.

In fact, I entered this niche as well because I've been really interested in Facebook lately and have seen some great results adding to my banking history, but that's another thing and we'll discuss it in the following article. Indeed, every single times such an upgrade happens, I just keep getting better and better, possibly because with every upgrade a certain amount of rivalry is eliminated.

If you have any doubt about the Facebook promotion or your results, let me know and don't neglect to pass this item on to your friend who might think it is important! When you get this far, help me get to the 1,000 fans:

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