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Open Source Affiliate Management System

Actually, I wouldn't recommend you to use open source tracking software, as it involves certain risks. Utilize our automatic referral partner registration to turn customers into affiliates. Apply Nifty Stats with our affiliate system and we'll pay you: eLitius is a free open source affiliate tracking software. The flexible template system allows you to easily change the design. Streamline any number of sites with a powerful control system.

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Keep up to date by reviewing our latest articles and getting the latest updates and specials. Bundle of 05 affiliate management programs with source code. The HTML5 performance test does not need Flash or Java and works on all types of device, as well as tables and phones. The Slashdot site provides scientific, technological and political information posted and rated by site visitors and reviewers.

Every storyline is accompanied by a field for smart and technical savvy commentators to debate the issues at stake. Slashdot, the Commentary and Presentation System, is managed by its own open source code management system, Slash, which is available under the GNU General Public License.

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Joomla Affiliate Tracker is a full affiliate tracker for website owner to build a full affiliate program. Follow recommendations, affiliate referral fees and boost your profit and revenue! High performance functions tell you more about the key reason why you should use Affiliate Tracker! This affiliate remarketing tools allows you to boost your website visitor numbers, boost your profit, know where your clients come from, and earn money from your partners!

The Affiliate Tracker is integrated with the most widely used e-commerce/subscription renewals so you can keep up to date on revenue and userships. Partners can request new partner accounts/links, display the link generate queue, receive referral fees, payment histories and graphical diagrams, all in the front end. Define the amount of provision you want to give each of your partners.

The Affiliate Tracker software provides support for multi-tiered or multi-tiered affilates. That means that affilates can have sub-adflates other than kids who build a hierarchical structure in which you can set a provision for each stage. Affiliate Tracker allows the affiliate tracker operator or admin to make available to the affiliate marketers promotional materials to place a banner on their website.

The Affiliate Tracker provides extra plug-ins that allow you to expand its functionality and incorporate it into other Joomla e-commerce enhancements to customize the affiliate programme to the shop and the enhancements of your website! Boost your website revenue and revenue by launching an affiliate programme on your Joomla! site. People participate in your affiliate programme and work to deliver Traffic to your site by posting a link or ad on their site.

You' ll be able to boost your turnover and give them a fee per purchase. Configure the provision for each individual bank statement independently (different bank statements can have different provisions, percentages or lump sums). Learn how to generate, authorize or decline a conversion, define your own provision. Receive email alerts when user requests new user profiles or when new metadata changes are made.

Make several payments for several Commissions for your partners, paying them on-line whenever you want. We' re always looking for new useful functions that you can include in the Affiliate Tracker. It is our pleasure to hear what our clients say to see what we can put into the application to make it more useful for those who are looking for a Joomla Partner System that is easy but strong and easy to use.

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