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Cloaker Affiliate Link

It protects your affiliate commissions by making the affiliate ID less visible and the link more visually appealing to visitors. Offers free affiliate link cloaking services. Simply put, link cloaking is the act of disguising an affiliate link to remove the visible affiliate code, making it difficult to recognize that it is an affiliate link. Once the link has been camouflaged, a redirect is performed so that the marketer's commission is well protected. The Affiliate Link Cloaker tool hides the ugly parameterized links that users see in the browser status bar when the mouse is held over a link.

Hide Affiliate Link Cloaker Links

Link-Cloaker will help you to conceal your link to the affiliate programme from your users. When it is too evident that your link is an affiliate link, maybe they don't click on it or they go directly to the link root. In order to resolve this issue, you can camouflage your link; the link points to the same URI, but the progress bars will not show this URI to your users.

In order to camouflage your affiliate link, simply fill out the following link information request and click the submit-key. You will receive this email with this information. The only thing you have to do is copy the source file and insert it into your page. If you find this useful, please link to this utility from your website.

Just copy the barcode from the field below and insert it into your website.

Which is Link Clicking?

Did you hear about link collapsing, but not sure what it's about? Part of the story is to dispel those myths and speak about the intrinsic real-life use of the case for concealing your affiliate associations. Being an affiliate marketer is a very competetive place to start a company. Indeed, it is sometimes so murderous that individuals are always on the lookout for the next advantage and the next piece of tech that will help generate more revenue and more commission.

It' probably not strange that unappetizing policies are sometimes used to rob other partners of their commission. There is a genuine issue here in the affiliate recruiting business. Affiliate Link Detection uses Affiliate ID Codes to replace your affiliate ID codes with their own affiliate ID codes, thereby robbing you of your commission.

Luckily for the 99% of legit affiliate marketing companies out there, like you and me, the business has an acceptable and trusted defense: linkage camouflage. Which is Link Clicking? Affiliate link clogging is the act of concealing the affiliate link' link which is provided by an affiliate programme to conceal your affiliate ID and shorten the link.

Affiliate IDs are less visualized and the link is more attractive to your customers. Here is an example of a camouflaged affiliate link: Where does this link really lead to? My Bluehost Affiliate link, which will take you to the Bluehost homepage. That' link clobbering in operation.

Visitors who click on this link or type it in their browsers stay on my site until the last moment when it is transferred to Bluehost's server. There is less likelihood of my commission being taken if you buy some hosted service from them.

The use of a link cloaker allows me to keep my earnings safe from being stolen and ensures that I get 100% of the rewards for my efforts as an affiliate marketing agent. What is Link Clicking? Hiding an affiliate link works by redirecting the visitor's web browser via a redirect link. Like already talked about, the apparent advantage of clobbering your affiliate link is to safeguard your affiliate earnings, but why else?

Visitors are much more likely to click on a link that points to the same website they are on than to click directly on an affiliate link. I have seen it over and over again, hiding affiliate link results in an increase in click-throughs. Holding the link pointing to something else on your site increases the level of confidence you perceive in that link.

Is it a link with a pile of characters and numbers after it that looks like the website owners are getting some kind of cunning setback because they sent you there? Would you click on a link that points to another page on the same site? In addition, by hiding my affiliate link, I can adjust what the link looks like so that instead of linking to a page of products on another site with chance numbers and unique IDs that make no difference to my audiences, I can modify the slot of the link to compare it to what I like.

By the way (no affiliate link): http://www.thinkgeek. com/product/bb2e/ Link to a nice stuffed tent jacket (yes... Star Wars fans right here), but the link is not really there. Had I hid this link, I'd have an easy example: com/go/tuan-tuan-tuan-sleeping-bag and you'd know when you looked at it that it would probably lead to a sleepingbag prod.

This in turn results in more skilled traffic being sent through your affiliate link. Being an affiliate marketeer, you may not have just one or two affiliate sites. Honestly, the job of organizing and maintaining more than a few affiliate relationships over the years can become a total nightmare. My web hostings are all in the link categories "hosting", my WordPress plugins are all in the link categories "WordPress plugins", and so on.

In addition, it makes it much simpler to add affiliate link to such blogs. Just choose a text, look for the link I want to add and it will be immediately referenced. After all, another great advantage of using cross linking is the possibility to keep track  of the amount of traffic to your affiliate link.

To know which affiliate link will actually get traffic with your affiliate crowd is very important for enhancing the power of your link. When you know that your audiences like to click on apparel related sites, but don't really want to click on sites related to trendy technological products, you know that you should concentrate more on the promotion of apparel and create more editorial coverage on these issues.

Is it possible to camouflage affiliate link without a website? From a technical point of view, you can camouflage your affiliate link without a website by using a service like or In order to include your first affiliate link: In order to include the link in a post: If you want to include a link in a message while posting, just do so:

What happens, then, if you need to modify the target of the link, but have added it to several articles? Summarizing this review, you should now have a thorough grasp of what link cloning is and what it is not and how you can deal with using this great affiliate recruiting technology.

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