Affiliate Junction Review

Review of Affiliate Junction

After nine months of fervent reviews, I think it's safe to recommend Commission Junction to dealers and publishers across the network. Verification information last updated on: Provision Junction Affiliate Review. jcvndk. Comission Junction is one of the largest online marketing channels for affiliates. Take a closer look at the pros and cons of Commission Junction.

Everyone here knows what Affiliate Junction is?

As your boyfriend to join as a publishing company and as a publishing company, you direct your lead to the companies through Affiliate Junc (CJ) and you get rewarded for the lead.... Buddies who introduced another boyfriend would get a slash for the first months as well..... so if you join under your boyfriend and you get $200 in the first months, your boyfriend would get a slash in percent... whenever you see the term affiliate...

Junction Commission Affiliate Review

Often on-line retailers are discouraged or discouraged and end up using conventional means to satisfy their promotional needs? To have a trader on your website is not enough.

Apart from beating the sidewalk or sending e-mails to anonym businesses that may not give you the right amount of free space, the best thing the web has to offer today is affiliate program. The Commission Junction is one of three ValueClick businesses. Jointly, they offer their customers and business associates end-to-end web content management services.

Today, Commission Junction is one of the biggest affiliate programmes on the web with over three hundred advertising customers in the UK, France and Germany alone and over 1,700 traders expanding every day.

As one of the world's biggest advertising network, Comission Junction is the most important Revenues and fees are earned from what we call "click through" s. Often the fee is fixed in lots, e.g. every 1.000 Klicks, etc.

Today, there are several main reason why Comission Junction is one of the best affiliate programmes on the web. 3 ) They are continually looking for ways to enhance their service by enhancing the value of their customers (or affiliates) and encouraging them to help expand theommission junction networking.

Commissioner Junction's Partner Programs offer a wide range of advantages to its partners. First is the two-level fee schedule. 1 ) An affiliate can make a $2 up-front affiliate fee by inviting other publishers or businesses to join the Commissioner Junction Web Site once they have signed up (provided they are not yet members of the Commissioner Junction Web Site).

This means that the affiliate makes twenty bucks ($20) in recommendations each time. It is only for new members and not for current members of Comission Junction. If, for example, all ten become members and each of them receives twenty $20 in fees each months, the first level partner makes an extra $10.

Secondly, the fees are combined in a cheque payable directly by Comission Junction on a quarterly base and not by the Dealers. That means that if you make five bucks ($5) from each of ten dealers in a given monthly period, Commissioner Junction will instantly transfer fifty bucks ($50) to you.

In addition, Commissioner Junction provides a single on-line commissioning reporting service for all its dealer programmes. A further advantage that makes Comission Junction so appealing to retailers and editors is that they also provide their retailers with the same two-tier programme that they provide to their affilates. That means that all dealers are also eligible for the five per cent (5%) second level fee.

Apart from the big name firms, Commission Junction has drawn the interest of many smaller dealers who are very specific and focus on a particular market segment. Helping to align your website as well and will enhance the possibilities of searching for a dealer for your audiences.

Traders everywhere have given red-hot notices. Dealers say Commission Junction provides them with a well thought-out and well executed product at a sensible cost.

However, there were some bright and some less positive reviews from the subsidiaries. Do not make much cash with them, although the programmes look good.

I would advise you to look elsewhere or negotiate directly with the businesses you want to become a subsidiary of.

The Commission Junction interfacing is difficult to negotiate, crashes again and again. During the early phases of Commission Junction's existence, there were accounts of unexecuted fees and imprecise prosecution.

After nine month of fervent review, I think it's sure to commend Commission Junction to dealers and editors across the network.

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