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The Affiliate Junction is iSYNERGY's proprietary affiliate marketing platform. EDIT: Affiliate function is written, not junction! Kami akan bongkar ape di sebalik skim affiliate junction, sila share supa lebih ramai yang tahu tentang web ini,. What is Affiliate Junction abbreviated or used as part of the definition of acronyms or abbreviations? The FIRST Affiliate Marketing Network in Malaysia, which offers an offline multi-merchant affiliate program through Mykad Smart Shopper, is Affiliate Junction (AJ).

Partner Junction

For more information about Affiliate Junction, click here, find and submit applications for positions that fit your abilities, and join forces with individuals to help your careers grow. Affiliate Junction (AJ) is the exclusive affiliate trading platform/affiliate networking company who owns and operates affiliate networks and offers affiliate marketers and affiliate marketers affiliate trading solution through a unique and unique trading solution package. Connecting companies/advertisers with their targeted audiences/consumers through its premier affiliate/publisher ecosystem, AJ increases product/brand recognition and generates lead.

Marketers are offering affiliate fees in return for the promotion of their product and support offerings to the targeted market and the generation of required results/conversions through a variety of on-line and off-line affiliate programmes on AJ. The AJ is a full-service system that quickly and simply administers all affiliate and referrer activity through the site.

They track and report on the progress of each and every ad and provide important insight to marketers. Every affiliate will receive organized education and assistance to maximize their achievement.

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The Affiliate Junction is iSYNERGY's own affiliate marketplace. Affiliate Junction was founded in 2010 and provides affiliate marketers and advertisers with affiliate direct selling tools through a unified hub. Through Affiliate Junction, marketers provide affilates with a fee when they promote their product and service to those consumers who have achieved their stated commercial goals.

Marketers can utilize a variety of on-line and off-line affiliate programmes to link with members to reach consumers efficiently. With Affiliate Junction, you can track and report on the effectiveness of each and every ad and deliver meaningful information to the marketer. Every affiliate will receive organized education and assistance to maximize their achievement.

The Affiliate Junction is a full-service system that quickly and easily administers all affiliate and advertisers' activity through the site.

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Its first affiliate market launch took place in 2009, and following the triumph of several successive affiliate market launch initiatives, Affiliate Junction (AJ,) was introduced in 2010. Today, AJ is Malaysia's number one and number one affiliate ecosystem with more than 25,000 members and 1,000 affiliate advertising professionals on the site. AJ enables marketers to act as marketers on the platform's members, promoting their product and service to the targeted audiences, and in turn, allows members to generate commissions for their effective online advertising activities.

Advertising activity is conducted by affilates through a variety of on-line and off-line media outlets. The Anker Affiliate Programme from AJ, the MyKad smart shopper (MSS), which is assigned to the business field retailing, was also started in 2010. MyKad, the Malaysia based Digital ID Smartcard, is used as membership badge by the affiliate programme.

To become a member, a user must first sign up for MyKad through a partner or the program's website. In 2014, the firm began developing and launching the Retail Affiliate Programme (RNAP). The RNAP provides retail traders with a well-established affiliate ecosystem to advertise and recommend their brand and attract new associates for their businesses growth.

RNAP's introduction contributed to building AJ's affiliate basis to 10,000 by the end of 2014. Following the successful AJ, MSS and RNAP subsidiary programmes, I Synergy Holdings Bern ad was established and will be formally quoted on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) in August 2015.

Smart$aver, MSS's on-line shop floor, was started in 2016. With the launch of Smart$aver, MSS now provides both off-line and on-line market placement services for the platform's retailers. Based on its existing footprint in the retailing industry, iSYNERGY extended its offering of affiliate programs tailored to different businesses.

Affiliate programmes are known as the Sport Access Network: Fitness and Leisure, Hot-Assist Affiliate Program, GetDoc Affiliate Program and OPPO Affiliate Program. Within the framework of the company's global growth strategies, PT Inovatif Sinergi Internasional was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Affiliate Junction Indonesia was established at the same time.

Shortly thereafter, AJ Indonesia launched its first affiliate programme, Smart$aver Indonesia, an off-line and on-line affiliate programme for retailers. This quotation is an important landmark for the firm as it is aligned with its commercial policy of expanding its activities and networking in various Southeast Asian markets.

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