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English - Help - General Terms and Conditions - Glossary - Contacts. Many thanks for your interest in the EWI Partner Program. For the start we have invited non-partner broadcasters who: Joining i GET IT Affiliate Partner is the easiest way to collaborate with i GET IT and receive rewards for sharing the value of i GET IT. Affiliate marketing can be a profitable venture for you as a merchant or affiliate.

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Whenever you recommend a new account and it signs up for a specific feature, you are rewarded. We' ll give you $5. 00 each and every times you recommend a Business Member and $2. 00 each and every Small Business Member. As well as your quick start bonuses, we will give you cash when a customer you have recruited is able to recommend a new customer through the affiliate program.

And again, you actually do nothing to get this provision, your work has already been done at Tier1. Every times the customer you recommend is able to recruit a new business member, we'll give you $1.00. Whenever the customer you referred can sign up a new Small Business member, we will give you $0.75 each year.

In the course of your life this really sums up - in fact you can earn DENSITIES of dollar per year. One small 4×10 array of business members pays $11,150 a year! They expel 10 business members, who in turn each receive 10 business members, etc. (4 levels). One 4×20 matrices of business members pays $168,500 a year!

You will then get a provision as long as individuals sign up for Small Business or Business Memberships / Upgrade / Renew. But you can see your affiliate fee every single trading session in live action and see your fee growing! When and how you want to be payed for each cheque, you choose.

The commission is payable in the US dollar. You must keep all your account in good condition to get affiliate credits.

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