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Learn more about Affiliate Future, find and apply for jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. Through its affiliate network and tools, Affiliate Future offers advertisers an effective marketing solution. News for Affiliate Future Advertiser! The Affiliate Future is an international content partner network. View real reviews, proofs of payment, affiliate manager contacts and more details.

More than 600 marketers and 300,000 editors give our ecosystem unsurpassed coverage.

More than 600 marketers and 300,000 editors give our ecosystem unsurpassed coverage. AF prides itself on our personalized service and our industry-specific accounts manager is well qualified to accompany you all the way. "AF's affiliate branding is an important part of our overall market mess & AF's accounts teams were instrumental in achieving such significant year-on-year annual gains.

"In the first six-month period of the program's productive launch on AF, Singapore Airlines recorded revenue growth of over 100%. Continuing to see very good results, we are working with the AF staff, who are very responsive to our questions and can help when needed." Meanwhile, our affiliate campaign is recognized as an important distribution and service opportunity for the company.

Our experience has shown that the Accounts Relations department is unsurpassed, highly skilled and reactive, providing insights, advice and sustained program success". "We have been working with AF for several years and it has always proven to be a good way of promoting and a powerful magazine service.

Our customer care staff, who have always been extraordinarily friendly and customer-oriented, provide us with outstanding customer care. We have always had a powerful offer in the tourism industry and are confident that we can maintain this momentum in 2015, backed by our specialised Tour Operator Relations teams.

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Eventually I resolved to post a rating about this affiliate site. In order to put it in a nutshell, I applied for some of their programs (performance-based) and began to generate revenue. The problems began when they had to make all the payments due to me. So I began to contact her technical staff and my team.

Nothing was found while I was fighting to get an answer from Affiliate Future at all. In the meantime, I got more cash in my affiliate that was due. The last timepiece I ever knew of them was September 2015, and I still have cash that is not sentutomatically.

I' ve obviously halted all affiliate activities with them and I'm still pressing for the last installment... Will I ever get it?

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