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affiliated banner

Did you notice that your affiliate banners have a low click rate? Creation of banners and creative short instructions on site. Sign in to your affiliate account. Describes the steps to post an affiliate banner in a widget area of your website. In this article you will learn how to create an affiliate banner.

Use of Affiliate Banners and Logos

The banner section of your affiliate section contains a large selection of affiliate posters subdivided into several sections. To find the banner that best fits your needs, you can search the banner by banner type, banner topic and banner name. Besides general web hostings from the topic section you will also find custom web hostings for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento hostings.

When you have selected a banner you want to use, click the Get Codes icon next to that banner. Click this icon to create a one-of-a-kind key for you. Please copy the source and place it on your website without modifying it in any way. For help positioning the banner on a Joomla or WordPress website, take a look at our Joomla and WordPressutorials on how to do this.

It is also possible to include branded campaigns in your affiliate listings by just entering &campaign= at the end of your affiliate list and then entering a custom brand name (e.g. blog_header) for each new ad you want to build. It is also useful if you want to include a banner name in a banner key.

If you want to use banner campaigns, you first get the banner codes you want to include on your website, as described in our bannerutorial. You can use an HTML editing tool to add the banner text. Locate the section in the affiliate banner bar in which your affiliate banner bar is located - it will appear immediately after the ? banner code=. Immediately after the ?banner code= insert ucampaign= section followed by the name of your ad campaigns.

They are available in .eps and different size of .png and are suited for black or black backgrounds. Please be aware that the logo does not contain your affiliate tracking key and you will need to self-submit it if you wish to use it to hyperlink to our site.

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