Affiliate Application

Application for Affiliate

Application for partners and service providers. WithinCHIP, many types of support are offered to its subsidiaries. Become an Affiliate Reseller for Auhtorize. For the Affiliate Application Click here to pay the Affiliate Fees. Happy birthday, your partner application has been approved!

Application for Affiliate

Affiliate link" refers to client revenues (private clients only) and earns you 15% fee. Please note: This affiliate programme is only valid within the United States and only for client recommendations in the USA. Partner application procedure is as follows: And if you haven't done so yet, please set up your affiliate as follows.

Once you have your affiliate profile you will have full control over your affiliate reference linking that your site administrator can add to your site. As soon as your affiliate profile is established and authorized, you will be given more information about our affiliate programme and can begin recommending individuals through your website(s).

Registration form for partners

When you have a website, newsletters or other promotional material, you can help us advertise our service and earn a $12.00 generously for every purchase you make through your recommendation number. As soon as you become a member, we will provide you with a clear recommendation key that you can place on your website.

If your user enters the recommendation key we have provided you with and they make a buy, we will charge you $12.00 for every single sell that your recommendation key generates. Every months we keep a watch on the number of purchases you make, and then we send you a cheque every year.

How much cash you will earn depends on how many of your customers actually make a sale in our corporate shop. Affiliate programs with strong fees, real-time trading, a one-of-a-kind and highly sought after feature! Simply fill out the affiliate application form and send it to us.

What does it take to be an affiliate? It'?s free to be an affiliate. Once you join our affiliate partnership programme and start making money, we start paying you commission every 30s. Customers must input their own data. May I use unwanted email (spam) to advertise this affiliate programme?

Unrequested emails are a nuisance to the addressee and a serious breach of our General Conditions, resulting in termination of your bankroll. Don't email anyone you don't know or who hasn't expressly consented to receive communications from you.

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