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Online services include the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store, and iCloud. TAKE THE APP FOR A RIDE. To access the ride with the app, you need to click on the link in the SMS. Commissions are paid to partners for sales via mobile applications. Failure to secure your place for a mobile app puts you at risk: most companies don't know how important it is not to have an App Store presence.

Dashboard for partners in the App Store

With this app from leadDyno you can get all your affiliate programmes and their respective boards. This app on your mobile allows you to connect to all your affiliate dashboards so you can quickly post your affiliate link on your affiliate dashboard and follow your affiliate commission. It pulls all affiliate programmes you join across the Lead Dyno ecosystem, so you can view their respective Dashboards here.

You can then unlock your links directly from your mobile device and follow your progression and affiliate fees. Use this app to search for additional affiliate programmes that you can join directly from this app. So if you are serious about affiliate branding, this app is a must!

Instal it now and begin collecting these affiliate fees today from the ease of your smart phone. One of the best applications that allows you to easily administer your partners and your company from home or on holiday. Being an affiliate, this is a good site to connect with stunning brand names and good earnings.

Receive also a great shipping fee from other partners who register with them!

E-Commerce plugins for online shops

The Affiliate offers many functions along with the best price plans that no one can ever match. The affiliate programme offers a full range of structures that allow you to increase your revenue with your partners in an exceptional way. Finish your setup in a few moments with an easy-to-use affiliate dashboard and let the members do the work for you.

What is the Affiliate System? You are not limited in the number of members that can advertise your product and your shop. Every one of your affilates can be fixed at their own withdrawal amount. Determine the different amount of commission for each group of the affiliate group. Transform your affiliate trading system into an MLM system that will drive your own advertisers to win new sales lead.

Offers various banners to help your affiliates advertise your product and save it on any website with embed codes. Use PayPal to make bulk payments directly from the instant desktop with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can easily make payments to your Affiliate's PayPal account. Incorporated with Social Shares, Sharing Buttons offers your affiliate an option to split their affiliate links on the social network.

The shop owner can offer deals on the product and partners can generate their own custom codes to be shared and tracked with their mates. The Affiliate Direct Links tracking allows you to make the standard affiliate links faster and more friendly. In-depth affiliate reporting or payment statistics for admin and any affiliate in account page.

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