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Sign up to view your recommendations, outstanding commissions and your individual affiliate link. A partner that is able to generate a significant percentage of the activities of a partner program. Subsidiaries are geographically based associations of teachers or preservice teachers of English language art, literacy and English studies. ACBS Official Partners The official ACBS partners are listed as links at the bottom of this page. The contact information is available on each affiliate's website.

Marketing Affiliate Program

Join us as an Affiliate! Receive 50% on every referral and purchase of one of our members' items. The only thing you have to do is get us your free tickets. There is a well-stocked and continually-updated Affiliate resource area with posters, promotional mailings and other materials for your promotional campaigns.

We' re working really hard to include the lead you are sending us.

Starscape Space Ceilings Partner - Partner Program

Wellcome to our affiliate programme! It is free, simple to register and does not require any special skills. Partner programmes are widely used throughout the web and provide website users with an added opportunity to benefit from their sites. Associates earn revenue and revenue for paid sites and earn a fee.

If you join our affiliate programme, you will be provided with a set of text and banner ads that you place on your website. Clicking on one of your hyperlinks redirects a visitor to our website and our affiliate tracking system tracks their activities.

Receive a fee calculated on the basis of your fee category. Sign up 24 hrs aday to review your turnovers, your revenue, your traffic, your bank balances and the performance of your ads.

What does Affiliate Landing Pages do?

affiliate land pages allows you to build custom land pages for your partners that they can advertise without using an affiliate hyperlink. Affiliate land pages now allow you to build and allocate a custom land page (page or post) to each affiliate (or even certain specialized affiliates). The target page could show details about the affiliate, show contents specifically for them, show contents they publish or anything you want!

The potentially most rewarding part of Affiliate Hosting Pages is its completely smooth interaction with WordPress and the standard WordPress editing tool. Just create a page and allocate it to an affiliate. Affiliate links not necessary! There are some very good folks who are very good at recognizing an affiliate hyperlink. Move your mouse over the links and look at the corresponding urls in the browsersatusbar.

That' more often than you think; folks like to know where this lead them! Affiliate hyperlinks can look "sketchy" and are littered with long search string and accidental character. Others just don't like to click on affiliate hyperlinks because they know that someone will make a profit if they choose to buy.

If a prospective client decides not to click on an affiliate hyperlink, you are missing an opportunity. What if they don't click? Through the use of affiliate landing pages there is no affiliate hyperlink in view. Prospective clients are more likely to click on the links and buy on your website. What does Affiliate Landing Pages do?

The Affiliate Hosting Pages allows you to associate any page or posting with an affiliate. It does this through a new method box named Affiliate Landing Pages: As soon as the page has been allocated to an affiliate, the affiliate can then advertise the page's land page without having to use their affiliate links.

If a prospective client hits the hyperlink and reaches the target page, the partner's ID is saved in a unique cookies. When the client buys, the partner who recommended him receives a fee. In the following example we give for a second that your website is https://mysite. com and you have a partner called Sasha.

And Sasha is writing a comment for your website entitled "5 ways this great tool will make your living better". Of course WordPress will create a more effective slot on the basis of the postal heading (note the words missing). Now, the article's U.R.L. is: The next step is to allocate the contribution to Sasha via the Affiliate Landing Pages:

Now Sasha can advertise the url through online advertising, e-mail, social networking, advertising campaign, web sites... wherever she wants without having to use her affiliate links! A Sasha is a trademark messenger for your website. You' re creating a new page for her called "Sasha." Now Sasha can advertise the address of

It is up to you to choose Sasha as your partner for your new products. Creating a new page entitled "My Amesome Product" (replaced by the real name of the product) and assigning it to it: Now Sasha can advertise the address of the website . It is possible for you to choose that several partners each have their own landings page for the my-awesome products.

Because you can only associate each page with one partner, you would be creating (and associating) a subpage for each partner. Now Sasha can advertise a link from Below are just a few of the ways you can use Affiliate Hosting Pages. And because it blends into WordPress smoothly, you can make your target pages look the way you know them best, whether using the standard page styles of your topic or the Page builder.

Include the name, the picture, the phone number of the partner, the vote is yours! Simply associate each page with an affiliate: Browse for partners by user name, name, or e-mail adress. Allocate several target pages to a partner: Associates can get more than one page associated with a land page. View Hosting Pages for Affiliates:

In the Affiliate section, an affiliate can view all their associated land pages on the Affiliate URLs page. It is also possible to show a Landing Pages to an Affiliate via the shortcode[affiliate_landing_pages]. Create your own custom landings pages: The Affiliate Hosting Pages integration with WordPress is seamless, so you can use the best set of resources you're used to to creating your own Hosting Pages.

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