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Top 20 Affiliate Networks 2015 This is the latest Blue Book Best CPS Affiliate Network. Scour down to see the top 20 affiliate networks in 2015. Now, our 6-time winning affiliate, the Rakuten Affiliate Network, which is part of Rakuten Affiliate Network advertising, is getting great feedback from our affiliate and publisher partners. When we went into the media, the message came that Affiliate Window (part of the Zanox group) had taken over ShareASale. What is it?

Acceleration in the sector's consolidations. Visit the WebsiteeBay partner ecosystem, which is unbelievably well recognized by those who know the online marketplace. It'?s a great networking. In recent years, Go to WebsiteAvangate has grown rapidly and is by far our most beloved download area. For many publishing houses, Amazon Associates continues to be the point of entrance into the sector.

Goto WebsiteCJ is still a top of the range networking, but the poll response shows that they are only a little off the mark in comparison to the other big ones. Click to WebsiteEnormal and highly populair, ClickBank is still the point of entrance into the branch for a large number of dealers. Visit WebsiteA highly valued Canada ecosystem focusing on online trading.

That' an outstanding record with marketers. Join WebsiteInto in the top 10 comes FlexOffers, with good publisher assistance and high value advertising revenue. Visit WebsiteRun of some of the industry's best selling websites with world-class technologies and great results. A smart, knowledgeable outfit. Visit WebsiteA robust and professional operating ecosystem with a great deal of experience.

Visit WebsiteA very powerful continental networking site established in 1999. At Tradedoubler, we have a worldwide presence and an excellent publishing team. Visit WebsiteFormerly eBay Enterprise Solutions and now revitalize a franchise that is equivalent to affiliate branding. Pepperjam is new independently and wants to grow. Go-to WebsiteoND is still well-liked, but is becoming more and more overshadowed by newer DSL accesses.

Affiliate Future, London domiciled, established in 1999 and held by Global Data, is a strong ecosystem that is highly valued by our surveys team. Visit WebsiteAnother London branch and with 16 branches around the world TradeTracker provides a wide range and a good trading environment. It is a decade-long ecosystem, self-assured enough to develop its own technologies and with a faithful group of retail-oriented customers.

Every year, we carry out the largest annual poll in the perfomance marketplace to determine the best CPS affiliate networks (cost per sale). This has resulted in the Blue Book Top 20 Affiliate Networks as selected by marketers and editors in the global online advertising marketplace. They are the market leader that offer the level of client care, expertise and consistently delivered return on investment that distinguishes a top class ecosystem.

You have also learnt to live and prosper in a constantly evolving and unbelievably highly competitive business world, so that you are all led by intelligent, efficient people. BLUE BOOK Top 20 is not a mere listing of the largest network. Our autumn surveys of over 25,000 key sector indicators are an important part of the rankings procedure.

We ask an open first questions in the poll to determine respondents' preferred networking for affiliate and affiliate campaign. This open-ended character of the first of these questions is intended to prevent prejudices about the choice of users that are included in a choice lists at the prompt or through which channels. Another display shows a listing of nearly 50 grids from which responders are asked to select another four grids in each of the classifications CRAN and Affiliate Grid, along with an extra open box for writing options.

A total of around 400 network companies are involved in our work. As well as the poll, we collected and summarized experts' opinions, transport information, sector impact measurements and as much other information as possible. There is also a powerful Blue Ribbon panel of reputable sector guides who give insights and ratings.

Ultimately, the BLUE BOOK Top 20 is the largest and most fair rating of the best performing market research network in the industry. Although we have put a lot of efforts into the research and creation of the Blue Book ranking, but as with all such listings they should only be understood as an indication of our opinions.

Since 1998, ad media has been offering advertising space for advertising companies, publishing houses and customers as a surprise newcomer this year.

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