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AdWords self-service tool supports conversion to Google Adwords. Effective AdWords campaigns can help you attract visitors, increase sales and improve brand awareness. Find out how to track AdWords that are converted into chats. The LiveChat integration helps you optimize AdWords campaigns and shows you which of them are converted into chats on the spot. Just copy your AdWords remarketing code and you're ready to go.

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Once a client performs an activity that you have identified as value, these client activities are referred to as convertations. Past AdWords experience: From your AdWords and AdWords accounts, browse to Tools, Converts, Convertions Operations. In the Name field, choose the name of the converting operation you want to use. Find and save the value for the transformation in the codebox.

Choose Measurement: Conversions that opens in the conversion actions worksheet. In the Name field, choose the name of the convert you want to use. Duplicate the converter ID and the converter label. Important: To guarantee correct tracking in all browser versions, make sure that a converter linker is activated.

Can I use converter tracking?

This is a free utility that shows you what happens after a client has interacted with your advertisements - whether they have bought a specific item, subscribed to your newsletters, phoned your company or download your application. Once a client performs an activity that you have identified as value, these client activities are referred to as convertations.

The following articles explain the advantages of using our online tracking, how it works, and our safety and confidentiality policies. See Setting up converter tracking for installation details. Learn which roadmaps, advertisements, ad groups and campaign are best suited to promote high-value client activities. Display equipment, browsers, and other converting information in your All Converts report pillar.

Converting is a unique client acquisition that is of value to your organization. They can use converter tracking to keep abreast of the following types of actions: Web site actions: Buys, signups, and other promotions that consumers perform on your site. Telephone calls: Make direct from your advertisements your call to a number on your website and click on a number on your portable website.

Find out more about tracking telephone call transformation. Install application and in-app actions: Install your Android or iPhone applications and make purchase or other activities within them. Find out more about tracking the migration of portable applications. Client inactivity that starts on-line but ends off-line, e.g. when a client hits an ad and sends a request on-line and later sign a deal in your own offices.

Find out more about off-line converting. Municipal actions: Activities that are enumerated when persons interacted with an ad that is unique to a particular site or business. Find out more about our on-site converting activities. Tracking the convert works differently for each convertor, but for each kind of off-line convert it falls into one of these categories:

Easily track your website or your portable application coding with a section of your converting tracking or coding. Once they finish the operation you have specified, our system detects the cookies (through the piece of additional coding you have added) and we log a conversation. For some types of tracing, no tags are required. After you have configured your online tracking, you can view information about your campaign conversations, ad groups, advertisements, and catchwords.

Displaying this information in your report can help you better comprehend how your advertisements are helping you reach important objectives for your company. We use encrypted information and secured server technology. Be sure to provide clear and complete information about the information you gather on your Web sites to your visitors and to obtain their permission to do so when mandated by law.

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