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The AdWords Editor is an ad management software & power tool that you can download for Windows or Mac to manage large ad accounts. Find out more about AdHawk PPC software. AdWords and DoubleClick are renamed by Google.

The AdWords software - Get more out of your Google AdWords account

When you' re looking for Google AdWords software, you' probably already noticed that the AdWords API has some flaws. Above all, there is a discrepancy between AdWords and the other off-the-shelf utilities used by sellers (e.g. analytical and Microsoft Excel applications), which makes it harder to optimize AdWords. With this advanced utility, you can benchmark your Performance Grader scores against those of your peers in similar spending classes to give you a feel for where you are in the game.

AdWords PPC Performance Grader is engineered by PPC professionals to show you where your campaigns are fighting and how you can make changes that enhance your business efficiency and your return on investment. It is unlikely that you can take full advantage of a pay-per-click marketplace if your analysis tools are unworkable and your promotions are not built on precise information.

The majority of seach engine publishers still use several different types of market software platform, among them Google AdWords, to perform various functions in terms of content, service, and performance (SEO and PPC). AdWords integrates your AdWords accounts into your AdWords data base effortlessly. Since your AdWords is synchronized with your own analysis of your adstrokes, the AdWords ad text tools generates automatic proposals on the basis of the most relevant ad group adstrokes.

You not only have a competitive edge when it comes to ad typing, you also know that the text is pertinent, which is good for your quality rating, AdWords click rates and click per-count. The following screenshots show the Ad Text Creator filling the text ad field with the most important words of the ad group:

AdWords allows you to specify unfavorable keyswords (the ones in a group you don't want to offer ) through the Google AdWords Find Request reporting, but there are many issues with this technique of unfavorable word recognition. Instead of first going through a long queue of searches and deleting each individual bad word, the utility proposes bad words and allows you to define wide matching policies for whole groups of keys.

If, for example, you are selling aquariums, seafood, and related products, you can specify a policy whereby any key words that contain the words "recipe" will be flagged as minus, even those that have not yet been added to your search. While AdWords will show you some of them, it will roll some of them into a group labeled "Other Queries".

" If you cannot see these prompts or take actions, you will always miss some bad catchwords. And the more you use the more intelligent the negativ word suggesting utility becomes.

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