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The AdWords API

In order to use the AdWords API, you must apply for and obtain permission as described below. See the Help Center Help Center articles about account associations for more information. Choose SETUP API Center to go to the API Accessibility dialog box. You must complete all boxes on the API entry forms and accept the General Conditions.

Unless the website is a non-linear page, we cannot edit your resume. Ensure that the specified IP method mail you specify results in a periodically watched mailbox. Should we not be able to get in touch with you via this e-mail adress, we will not be able to handle your request and it will be refused.

Access your AdWords email contacts in the AdWords Application Programming Interface (API) Center. It is strongly recommended that you keep this information up to date after the recruitment period so that we can provide you with important information about our services. In order to make sure that the tools or applications you wish to use with the AdWords API comply with our General Conditions and Guidelines, and with the Minimum Functionality Requirement (RMF) (if applicable), click the Apply for Basic Access button in the AdWords Application Center and fill out the AdWords API Token Applications request page.

If you no longer have or do not plan to continue to check this e-mail account proactively, please check your e-mail account at the AdWords API Center by following the directions above in the 2nd stage so that we can get in touch with you.

Please note: Your resume must be accepted (see below). As soon as your app is authorized for APIA use, your associated development ID will be enabled. All tokens are available through your AdWords APAC - accessed through the Accounts Preferences panel for the Managers ID you requested them from. When you interact with our system, you can gain control of the APIA by adding it to your query header.

It is very important that you keep your e-mail up to date as we are sending important information about changes or interruptions to the services to the e-mail addresses you provided. Token Review will review the information you submit when requesting AdWords API support to ensure that your AdWords application meets the AdWords API Terms and Conditions and Required Minimum Functionality (RMF) (if applicable).

Frequent grounds for the rejection of an applicant are: We cannot get in touch with you at the e-mail addresses you provided. The reason you are applying is that a third person you are using needs a developmentoken. If you apply, this will violate other clauses of the General Business Conditions. If your applications do not provide the minimum functionality necessary (if any), they will not do so.

Once you have modified your AdWords-API tool to comply with the AdWords-API guidelines, or if you believe that your resume has been mistakenly declined, you can resubmit by selecting the Resubmit button on the AdWords-API Center page of your management profile. Fill out this contact sheet if you have not recieved an e-mail from us about your job within the anticipated period of your stay.

The AdWords API is free to use. AdWords API provides two layers of access: This is the standard permission layer for all authorized development templates. It allows designers to perform up to 10,000 surgeries and 1,000 reports per download per workday. The standard layer of use is for people who need more than 10,000 surgeries or 1,000 reports downloaded per workday.

Further information on the level of entitlement can be found in the tariff schedule. As soon as you have obtained a development kernel you can immediately begin to develop and experiment with the application programming interface, even if your kernel is not yet released.

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