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All you need in a PPC reporting tool. Intuitive report editor allows you to create PC reports from scratch in minutes. Autonomous AdWords reports, Facebook reports, Bing reports, etc. or combine all your PC analyses in the same report. Reduce time spent reporting and analyzing AdWords.

Use AdWords data to make sense.

Reporting Tool: PPC Success Report

Many companies spend a lot of effort reporting and analyzing AdWords. AdWords allows a user to sign in to inquire about a particular meter or follow a particular story, but often gets wasted in a barrage of stunning, incomprehensible information, waste ing of precious resources that could be spent on other areas. Success report creates rich graphical reporting on critical AdWords records that allows the user to

Reduce your reporting and analyzing AdWords times. Use AdWords to make headway. Announce and communicate the AdWords experience to your teams and customers. Performance reporting provides visually insightful, easy-to-understand key figures that give you only the information you need to avoid excess key figures and mess.

Combining precious information with light, colourful graphs, these robust reporting solutions provide a fresh replacement for the boring, boring, and data-driven reporting found with other reporting software products. Just login to your Moneybookers and click on the Reporting page and choose the Create New Reporting icon at the top right of the page. Success Story provides a complete story subdivided into several sections:

Displays the hopper paths for outputs, imprints, klicks and conversations, as well as information about CTR, conversation rates and cancellations. Provides a graphic representation of the impression-weighted quality result, CTR, mean CPC, overall costs and cycle time. High-performer: The best: Provides a colourful verbosity of the most powerful words in your keyword list and provides insights into the most powerful text displays.

Performancerunnel view shows how your AdWords money is used to make hits and promote conversations to your bottom line. You can also see changes from earlier dates in this view, so you can easily see how your latest view compares with your past results. Success Report's Health and Trends section includes diagrams and graphics that show your AdWords account's impression-weighted quality value, click-through rate, mean CPC, costs, and CPA.

It also shows how these key figures lie between the date ranges you used. Top Performers in Success Story shows the most powerful keyboard and text advertisements in an account. Most powerful passwords in the user interface are displayed in a light colored vocabulary cluster, so the user can see which passwords generate the most views and hits.

It also shows imprpressions, klicks, conversions, CTR, overall costs for the top 5 catchwords. Top Performers section also shows the most popular text advertisements in your AdWords profile and provides recommendations on how to enhance your keyword and ad effectiveness. In summary, it can be said that the success story supports the users: Generate visual eye-catching reporting with one click:

This success story turns large volumes of information and meetrics into an aesthetically pleasing, infographically rich visually that is easily captured and implemented. Personalised reporting highlights the most important facets of your bank statement so you can concentrate on what's important and share information with your teams, executives and customers.

This success report shows where your AdWords measures are succeeding and where they need to be improved.

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