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Browse to the bottom of the page, and then click Manage Action Codes. Are you looking for Google AdWords promotion codes? AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program from Google. Let us help you advertise with Google AdWords. Can I change the landing page to Adwords?

How to Use Action Code (Coupons) - AdWords Express Help

Promotion keys (also known as coupons or vouchers) offer a credit to an advertiser's account. The majority of listings requires that you fulfill certain pre-defined requirements before the balance appears in your balance, and they are usually useful for new recruiters as a way to start using AdWords Express. Occasionally we might have an introduction quote like "Spend $25, get $50.

" In order to receive the $50 balance, you must use the promo key within 14 workingdays after creating your affiliate and then after redemption you will receive at least $25 per click in your affiliate area. Once you have spent $25, you will see the $50 balance in your bankroll within 5 workdays.

AdWords Express charges can be paid either manual or automated (automatic payments). Your preference affects how your action codes work. When using automated payment, all you have to do is type in the key and begin to advertise. Once your balance has met the criteria stated in the promotion materials, the balance will usually appear on your balance within 5 workdays.

If, for example, the bid says that you need to pay $25, you must collect at least $25 per click before the balance can appear in your inbox. As soon as you have used up all your credits, all other promotion charges will be debited to the billing option you enter in your bankroll.

AdWords Express allows you to stop your ads at any point by interrupting your campaign. Intermittent campaigns cause no additional cost. When using hand held billing, you must type the unique ID until its expiry date and then fulfill all the necessary requirements listed in the collateral. So for example, if the bid says you have to pay $25, you'll have to make a minimum of $25 manually and also pay the full $25 by collecting enough clicking.

Once you have spent the amount you need, the balance will usually appear on your bankroll within 5 workdays. When you make hand based transactions, it's a good idea to make a first deposit that's slightly more than the requirements, because AdWords Express won't serve your advertisements if you don't have enough funds in your bankroll.

Note that if value added tax (VAT) is subtracted from AdWords Express charges in your own jurisdiction, be sure to include it in your charge. Advertisingcodes are generally restricted to 1 per client and often only apply to newcomers. Review the conditions supplied with your promotion key to obtain detail on your quote.

In the case of quotes such as "Spend $25, receive $50", we simply charge the amount you are spending after you enter the number. A $25 issue before you enter the unique identifier will not be counted toward your quote. When you want to modify your default settings, e.g. from manually to automatically, you should first use up your balance.

If you change your billing preferences, you cannot transfer funds that have not been used. Promotion credits are only suitable for advertisement. Should you terminate your membership before you spend the full amount, the remainder will not be refundable.

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