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Find out how to set up your AdWords Manager account to manage multiple accounts from one interface. How much does a Google AdWords manager near you earn? Are you looking for Google Adwords Manager? Hire freelance Adwords Manager specialists and outsource your project. When you are an agency or someone who manages multiple AdWords accounts, a manager account is a powerful tool that can save you time.

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Manage des comptes individuels et des campagnes ou les voir tous dans une vue d'ensemble. With account labels, you can organize accounts, create automated rules, and set alertes and email notifications. You can also make changes at short notice by updating daily budgets or activating or pausing campaigns in these accounts. Administrative accounts are designed for larger business requirements.

With nested child management accounts, you can share access with other account administrators, grant new access, and control access levels. Compare the performance of all accounts and create reports for any measurement-from keyword performance to dimension reports. You can even specify that reports are automatically generated and sent by email on a regular basis.

This allows you to create simpler but more meaningful reports, identify keywords, minimize counting errors and optimize the loading time of your website. With consolidated billing, agencies, retailers and large advertisers can consolidate invoices for multiple accounts into one monthly bill. You receive budget updates for all your management accounts and can quickly and easily track which account is being billed from your management account dashboard.

The Budget tab displays relevant payment information so you can keep track of spend for all the accounts you manage. Set up management accounts and optimize your campaigns.


Describes how to set up manager accounting. They can start with the first readings from manager accounting. How to set up a manager account: Type the e-mail that you want to use for this particular Account. Use the same e-mail for up to 5 AdWords products (including manager accounts).

Find out more about assigning more than one bank to a single one. Name your manager profile. It is the name your customers will see in their administered area. Select how you want to use the account: If you want to use this manager to work with your own privileged user account, click Organize My Contacts.

You would choose this if you wanted to use it to administer several AdWords sites you have for different AdWords offerings. If you want to use this Manager Account to work with third-party Accounts, click To administer other people's Accounts. You should choose this for example if you want to use it to administer your customers' bank account, not your own.

Please enter your timezone and state. The timezone is used for your report and settlement of your balance and cannot be modified. Maybe you'd like to pick the timezone where you work. Pick a perpetual for your bankroll. It is the name of the accounting language used in your manager accounts (for example, Manager Defined Spend).

You will be charged for your administered bank balances in the currency of your choice. As soon as your e-mail has been reviewed, your new manager profile will be activated.

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