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Keyword Planner (formerly the Google Keyword Tool). Find out what Google Keyword Planner is. This guide tells you how to use and make the most of Google Keyword Planner. Try registering with this link:

com/um/Welcome/Expert. When your only keyword research tool is the Google Keyword Planner, you're leaving money on the table.

Select the right keywords with our research tools.

Use our keyword research tools to find the right words for your company. Keyword Search gives you an idea of how often certain words are sought and how they have evolved over the years. That can help you restrict your keyword listing to those you really want.

The Keyword Planner gives you a cost estimate for each keyword so that you can define your ad spending for it.

Gigantic Google Keyword Planner updates: And now with mobile/contextual/trend data

The keyword research is an important part of every successfull paid research-system. Indeed, our in-house research shows that keyword researchers account for almost 25% of SEMs' work. In the background, Google has made a number of important changes and upgrades to the Keyword Planner that not only help us cut the amount of usable keyword planning effort, but also make it more useful in an exponential way.

Updated this weeks make it very visually and powerfully, with a clear portable look. Find out about the new functions of the Keyword Planner: First thing you see here is that when you do a keyword query, you get this nice graph that illustrates the keyword traffic trend from one month to the next.

Added the possibility for Google to perform a keyword volumetric compare with an earlier date. You can now see how the amount of traffic has varied over the course of the years compared to a given timeframe. Take a look, for example, at how Malaysian Airlines' volumes increased last months due to the horrific MH370 disaster.

Living in a permanently networked environment, Google now shows the allocation of portable vs. desktops searching in Keyword Planner. This keyword finder allows you to see how many other users are using the phone to look for this keyword. Marketing professionals can use these insights - easily available in a visually compelling, easy-to-understand form - to find ways to make logic changes to the offering on the move.

Look whoa, how much more portable visitor there is than desktop computers, in this example with the keyword "pizzeria"! It' s no wonder that Google uses cheap food as a model for cell phones. The Keyword Planner now structures the query according to the different geo-targeting possibilities you select. As soon as you have selected/entered some of your chosen catchwords in your schedule, you will be able to get more detailed estimations - these were not available until now.

They can do the same equipment and place segments, but look at how Google adjusts the clicking, costs, impressions, and more. It' s Google now to update the Keyword Planner, and that's exactly what it needs. According to some estimations, Mobile will be overtaking the desktops by the end of next year and isn't it Google that is always saying what networked worlds we live in?

This new feature brings the Keyword Planner out of the world of desktop computing, so you can get the right person in the right place at the right moment. Combined with these extremely useful visualisations, the new portable, local and trendy information is certainly a move in the right directions to help advertisers take advantage of this new market place environment.

We' ll give the revised Keyword Planner two fingers up - what do you think?

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