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" AdWords is like an auction house. Ever used Google to find information about a product or service? We' re doing a lot of AdWords advertising. The first thing I will discuss is what demographic information Google provides.

To display AdWords data in Google Analytics

You don't need to link your AdWords and Google Analytics account together, but there are several good reason why you should consider doing so today. Analytics, however, is a truly high-performance and resilient ecosystem that allows you to get extra insights into your customers' post-click activities on your website.

AdWords is after all a pay-per-click paradigm, and it is critical to understand the overall image of your customers' interaction with your website. This information can show you whether a client is jammed on a page during the ordering process. Or maybe the landing page you use in your text advertisements is bewildering for the clients and they go back to the homepage to get more information.

Could you be lacking crucial information that can help you make a better customer experiences? To display AdWords information in your Analytics activity, you must ensure that the activity logs are connected.

Choose "Admin" in Analytics and under "Property" you will see "AdWords Linking". "Next, click the checkbox next to the AdWords site you want to hyperlink, and then click Next. A further important stage, which is often ignored, is the linkage of the views. Then click on "Select All" and then on "Link Accounts".

" Don't neglect to activate automatic marking in AdWords, otherwise the information will be reported as Google organically and not as payed. You can find more details on how to combine Analytics and AdWords here.

Here you can see the most important information, e.g: You can also get a tree map reporting that provides a fast picture of your customers' behaviour. Not the only way to see AdWords in Analytics information. Under " Behaviour > Page content > Exit pages ", for example, you can choose a subdivision and then " Source/Medium " to see how many AdWords clients made it to your thank you page.

When you measure your AdWords converter trace, you can use this information to ensure that there are no large variances. Remember that this information will never agree to perfection, but we had occasions when one of our target pages lacked a converter track-edge. Other information you find in analytical that you don't find in Adwords is the multi-channel judgement.

More information about MFS can be found in Google's Ultimate Guide to the Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting.

Naturally, this is always a frustration, because we constantly loose this historical information.

A further point to consider is the differences in the way AdWords and Analytics capture information.

When a client visited your site and then clicked back a second thirty minute period, AdWords would notify you as two mouse clicks away and analytics would only notify you of one visit.

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