Adwords Desktop Tool

Desktop Adwords Tool

After downloading AdWords Editor and one or more of your accounts, you can continue working even when you are offline. Mass processing tools allow you to quickly make changes to all your accounts. The tool has been developed for the desktop. Google Display Planner is an AdWords tool for identifying keywords, placements and themes in the ad network. Wide Match" with nothing else but the free desktop tool AdWords Editor.

AdWords Google App: Five things we like

The AdWords application for iPhone makes it easy for you to view your campaign and make changes. The AdWords application allows you to: When Google published the AdWords application for iPhone in January, our staff was very enthusiastic. Its user interface is surprisingly sleek and its load times are quicker than the desktop one.

This is the right place if you've been asking yourself how the apps compare to the desktop one. Let's concentrate on 5 core areas of the AdWords Java application: monitor, optimize, notify, opportunity and provide technical assistance. Loading times are incredible, making it easier to change between campaign. AdWords allows you to edit offers and budgets.

You can pause or activate a campaign, ad group, or keyword. You cannot, however, add new campaign, ad group, or ad. Like the desktop edition, the clock symbol appears at the top right of the desktop when you receive notifications, so it's very simple to pick up and display them.

However, you must log in to Desktop Adwords to see the detail. While the AdWords application has a dedicated opportunity tabs, you cannot display a complete listing on your mobile device. Unfortunately, some options are only visible in the desktop area. Use the Help Menus page to see favorite question s/answers and send an e-mail to the technical staff directly from the application.

AdWords is a great way to monitor your iPhone's current campaign, so we suggest you download it today. Hopefully more functions will be added in the near term, but it's definitely a great tool for optimization on the go. And no problem, the AdWords application is also available for Android.

Do you need help optimising your ad grant campaign?

Minimum functionality required

The Required Minimum Functionality or RMF relates to the functions and other functions that certain tool vendors must provide when using the AdWords API. Create, manage and report functions. Adherence to these guidelines will depend on how you use the AdWords API (an "RMF applies" means that RMF does apply to you):

Your tool may not be a full-service tool if it has very restricted and specialised features and cannot be used to create and manage campaign, ad groups and advertisements. The RMF would not be used for the preparation and administration in this case. And if you are not sure whether the RMF guideline is applicable to your tool, please consult the AdWords API Compliance group.

AdWords API Compliance staff decides whether your tool is full or not. You can re-evaluate your tool if the features change significantly. If an AdWords API client that is only used for reports displays ad groups, for example, it must deploy all of the Ad Group layer report functions that are flagged as "required" below.

An AdWords API client that is only used for publishing lists, for example, does not display ad group activity information in its ad group gateway, and does not need to deploy any of the RMFs at ad group levels. If you decide to deploy one of these types of reported functions, you must display all necessary field values for each of them.

To meet RMF compliance the AdWords API Client must by default show all AdWords API Client object and field /guide fields flagged as necessary for each reported work. For all other Metrical Spalten the AdWords API Client must be provided as an optional part. When your tool provides a downloading feature, e.g. a Creative Suite Vault (CSV), instead of showing the reports within the GUI, the downloaded links must be clearly visible and labelled intuitive.

Files must contain all necessary report boxes and be uniquely identified. It is recommended that you allow report information to be filtered by date area. Your tool should have at least the last 30 calendar days of information for each report box you need if it does not include user-defined date spans.

To meet RMF needs, a full-service AdWords API client must deploy all necessary authoring and administrative functions in the following chart and display the reporting capabilities for each of the following reporting types. And if your tool is only for creating and managing purchasing promotions and does not offer any other functions outside of purchasing promotions, you only need to deploy the AdWords API creating and managing functions and reporting in the RMF that work with purchasing promotions.

And if your tool is only intended for creating and managing portable application promotions and does not offer any other functions outside of portable application promotions, then all you need to do is deploy the AdWords API Creation, Management and Reporting Functions in RMF that are applicable to portable application promotions.

When an AdWords API client provides targeting IdeaService or traffic EstimatorService related capabilities, it must fully deploy the necessary creation, management, and reporting capabilities identified as "required" in the following chart. Any API clients that provide creation or management capabilities must meet the following quotation customization requirements: Before the AdWords API client sets them, end user must be able to verify and modify the offer customizations.

Offer adaptations may only be presented as adaptations to offers and may not be used to facilitate or converge other functions such as Targeting or Forfeiture. Given the fact that regular large-scale technological enhancements can be performed by regular API tooling, a tool that has complied with all RMF milestones for at least 2 successive years may request a 6-month RMF renewal to conduct such enhancements on its own platforms.

In the event that the renewal is awarded, these instruments will not be subject to RMF verification during the renewal term. By the end of the renewal term, the tool must fully meet all RMF eligibility criteria that were due on or before the last date of the renewal term.

The maximum renewal rate for an application programming interface tool is one every four years (i.e. the second renewal must begin at least 4 years after the end of the first renewal). In order to keep RMF conformity, all new characteristics must be added by the due date (next to each characteristic as due: YYYYY-MM-DD).

In addition, we request that you submit screen shots and/or mock-ups of changes proposing materials to the AdWords API client via the Tool Change tool at least two week before those changes take effect. C. 14Set portable platforms Offer customizationBid Modificators Required. Support must be provided at both the campaign and ad group level.

C. 15Set Desktop and Desktop Platforms Offer AdjustmentsBid Required modifications. It must be possible to achieve this at both ad group and ad campaigns settings. Site expansionOperandRequired. It must help to align a region around a site and to expand it. C. 65 Activer le suivi de la contrat de tracing de conversions ( " Suivi de la website & Telefonate ") requis. C. 70Location extensionsLocation extensionsRequired. You must do this at bank using the following configuration.

Necessary. You must support this at bank using the following method. Necessary. Support must be provided at the accounts, campaigns and ad group stage. Necessary. It must be backed up at accounts, campaigns and ad group settings. Manually CPCManualCpcBiddingSchema Necessary. There is a need to support this at campaign stage. Extended CPCManualCpcBiddingSchema. enhancedCpcEnabledRequired.

There is a need to support this at a campaign stage. Minimize the clicking (Portfolio)TargetSpendBiddingSchemeRequired. There is a need to support this at the campaign stage. Destination Site SEARCH PageOnePromotedBiddingSchemeRequired. There is a need to support this at the campaign stage. Goal Outrank Share By StrategyGoal Outrank By Share By Share Scheme Required. There is a need to support this at campaign stage. C. 191Setting the display group maximum CPCCpcBidRequired for manual CPC and advanced CPC bids option.

C. 192Set Ad group destination CPACpaBidRequired for target CA (Portfolio and Standard) Wedding options. C. 193Setting the ad group Audience targeted ROAStargetRoasOverride Necessary for the default ROAS biding ROAS Targets options. C. 311Set Password set definitive URLfinalUrlsRequired. finalURLSuffixRequired. Due: 2018-10-30. finalURLSuffixRequired. C. 700Enable user list targeting (adding a user list to a webcam and ad group, specifying ad group and ad exclusion ) remarketing and audience targeted requested.

C. 710Set user list targeted bid alignment for keyword and ad group campaignsRemarketing and Audience TargetingRequired. M. 15Mobile, Desktop and Tables platforms edit bids customizationsBid modifications Required. Support must be provided at both a campaign and ad group stage. Goal CAp (Portfolio and Standard)Goal CApBiddingSchema Required. The portfolio strategy as well as the default strategy must be backed at both the campaign as well as the client strategy.

ROAS Target (Portfolio and Standard)ROAS TargetBiddingSchemaNecessary. The portfolio strategy as well as the default strategy must be backed at the campaign stage. M. 35Activate ad rotationAdGroupAdRotationModeRequired. You must support this at ad group and ad group levels. To maximize the amount of clicking (default) TargetSpendBiddingSchemeRequired. There is a need to support this at a campaign stage. Necessary. M. 700Edit user list TargetingRemarketing und Audience TargetingRequired.

M. 710Edit user list aimed at customizing offers for searching engine campaign and ad groupsRemarketing and target group approach Required.

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