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What does this have to do with AdWords and PPC marketing? Note, however, that there are limitations for mobile PPC that you will not find in Desktop PPC. Optimizing AdWords campaigns for desktop AND mobile. For the most part, we see the natural CPC's for mobile traffic starting higher than the desktop. If you inherit a PPC account and need a major restructuring, contact Google's AdWords Editor and MSN Desktop to quickly make changes.

Google AdWords Editor??? RIP?

AdWords is a new tool that allows publishers to reverse changes in Google AdWords that is welcome and probably long past due, even though it raises the question: Is the AdWords editor deader? At the moment, the "Undo" AdWords icon appears to be a restricted test available only in selected AdWords users. However, what it does is to allow the advertiser to return to the way their ad campaigns were before changes, or to provide a way to get a new copy of specific features of their ad campaigns.

Now with all this web interfacing capability, we hear the condemnation for the Google AdWords Editor, desktop edition? At that time, the AdWords editor had a lot of benefits, among them: Off-line processing, which was a major problem in and around 2005. Copy & past function that enables quicker generation of campaigns and makes it easy to split a large ad group into smaller ones.

Mass processing, which you can now also use in the Web area. Pure speed: The desktop used to be much quicker, but that has been changing. Indeed, the web release has left the desktop editors far behind. Ando or Redo, which has now been added to the web user interfaces with this one.

Campaign drafts: Until now, you could only work on the web-edition. We have seen a huge drop in features parity in recent years; there is generally a delay between web and desktop versions of featured versions. We' ve been waiting several weeks, for example, for certain advanced campaign supporting capabilities to be added to the Google Adwords Editor.

One of the main reasons this is a big problem is that Google is releasing so many functions at such a rapid rate. Speaking for myself, I no longer have any use for the Google AdWords Editor, although I'm interested to know if one of you still prefers it for one or the other or not. Desktop Adwords Editor was necessary at the beginning of the new millenium when Wi-Fi reporting was bad and even with a good internet access you would find the web browser almost painful and clumsy.

Extensive edit features such as copy/paste, reverse and mass edit were not even available in the on-line release. Today, the off-line versions can cause synchronisation problems, i.e. two persons working on the accounts at the same time and one overwrites the other, and can even fall down, leading to work stoppages. Unlike all other Google Apps, it doesn't have the advantages of working and saving in the Cloud.

It' s not even a Google top of the list when it comes to add new functionality. When Google ceases to innovate and de-prioritizes a given item, it's usually on its way out. Still using the AdWords Editor? By 2014, I expect that we will see Google retiring the Google AdWords Editor.

It is expected to join the Google cemetery of obsolete items soon! Are you using Google AdWords Editor?

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