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An AdWords campaign can be exactly what your content needs to help it grow virally after targeted users who are looking for your solution see it in their search results. Often, as content marketers, we do not use the possibilities of AdWords properly. If you google the content discovery platform "Outbrain", you will find a competitor's ad: In essence, content marketing and Google Adwords have the same goal: to turn prospects into profitable customers. The creation of great content is the first part of marketing, content advertising should be the next part of your campaign.

All you need to know about Google Adwords content campaigning

When you' re new to search engine marketing and/or use paid per click advertising, you may not be comfortable with the Google Content Search Network, also known as the Google Display Network. Google's Content Search Network allows you to extend your coverage and bring your ad to a new audience with focused placements.

Here we talk about what they are and how you can use Google AdWords content campaigns as part of your SEM ( Advanced Web Marketing) campaign. Which is the content net of Google? Wordstream says Google's content ecosystem is "a ecosystem of websites that deliver content (text, video, voice, etc.) and allow advertisers to serve advertisements on the fly.

" Content- and displaycampaigns work very similar, where you place specific advertisements around pertinent content and information on different sites within the Google partner area. One of the key differences between this and classic displays is that you can use a keyword just like you do in your searches.

Googles through content that's pertinent to a particular set of target metrics. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to content campaigning, just like anything else. One of the greatest advantages of using content advertising is that you have an incredible ability to attract new clients. Also, if you take the extra effort to optimize your content campaign, you can get many traffic and convert to your site at a lower price than conventional ad serving techniques.

Furthermore, the ability to use specific catchwords allows for even more efficient positioning of your advertisements. Disadvantages can predominate if you don't take the trouble to optimise your content campaign. Because display and content work in a similar way, one of the disadvantages for the content networking is the high number of hits and images your ad is likely to have.

Also, because Google selects these rankings for you, they can't always select the best rankings for your company. Embedding your catchwords can help you be much more efficient than conventional screen ads. If you advertise on Google's content ecosystem, you need to keep an eye on all these things and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Integrating content campaign into your overall SEM strategies is still a good concept. For more information or to try out content advertising or just search for more information, visit Google's Getting started blog. Download our Small Business Guide to Google Adwords here.

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