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Include the Google Adwords conversion code on the thank you page of your online store. The code can be found in your Google Adwords account. AdWords' continued success requires detailed, continuous monitoring and optimization. In order to correctly track a conversion of AdWords, you must first define a conversion page. Skip to How do I add the tracking code to my landing page?

Apply a converter tracker to your website.

That day keeps track of when someone who has clicked on your ad goes to your site and performs an activity that you have identified as valued, such as a buy or registration. Prior to starting, make sure that you have first followed the prompts to perform a converting operation and preserve your day. This guide only applies to converting that takes place on your website.

You will find directions for other types of traceability, such as applications, telephone conversations, or off-line convertions, here. The following is what you need to do before you can include a conversation tracker on your website: Please obey these steps to generate a converting operation and receive your converting day. You or your site administrator must be able to include the tag in your site code.

Find a page to convert on your website. Assignments in this section are for tracing when someone arrives at a new page on your site after completion of a convert. To see when someone is clicking a click or icon instead, please obey the click tracing conventions. Select the revision of the converter tracker you use.

However, AdWords predecessor versions still work. We' ve provided orders in case you were to install them. It is referred to as the converter page.

If you selected "Use different value for each conversion" when you created your converting operation, you must obey these statements to process your day to keep track record of transaction-specific value.

To make sure that your converting tags are in place and your converting is tracked properly, or if you think there might be a issue with the tags, please refer to this guide to verifying your converting tracker tags. It is referred to as the converter page. Insert your converter track tags here. When you want to track traffic across different domaines, e.g. if your landed page differs from your converted domaine, you can activate cross-domain traffic track by including the following to your website code (only this example does not work on your website): }); here is how the code will appear in the full section:

windows. theyLayer = windows. theyLayer |||| []; }); gtag('js', new Date()); gtag('config','AW-123456789'); cross-domain measure will add a linking value to addresses pointing to the target area. If you want to make sure that your converter tags are in place and your convertions are tracked properly, or if you think there might be a bug with the tags, see this guide for verifying your converter tags.

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