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Great lessons in deep SERP analysis: The default name is 'Quality Score Analysis'. Contender analysis for Paid Search. A Landing Page Review & Analysis? Allocation modelling, data analysis, PPC.

3 most advanced tools to analyse your AdWords contest

You have many ways to analyse the contest, from very costly to free and from anonymous to the details of a particular contestant. If you already have Google AdWords expertise, you can easily understand and understand various items in your competitors' ads. However, all these competitive intelligence utilities can be a great help.

The SEMrush is a utility that provides in-depth PPC and competitive intelligence on PPC and IEO. The SEMrush is a great all-in-one toolset and is definitely a must for any on-line marketing professional. Organic Research Tools shows you what works for your competitor's website and how you can use it for your own purposes.

Spying on competitors' sites, seeing how they are ranked organic and identifying their most powerful catchwords, you can control how you optimise your own website. Advertising Research will help you to find all your searches for Google Adwords or Bing against which a rival will place payed advertisements.

You can use this utility to evaluate how much revenue a website receives from payed listings and which catchwords it addresses. You can also use SQLRush to help you keep an eye on your Google ranking. In this way, you can see how well your website, or that of your competitors, performs in the internal quest for certain keys.

is a search analysis firm that displays the search terms that website publishers buy from Google AdWords, as well as those used in Google search. They have very little key information - for example, searching for a competitors roster, collecting a complete set of keyswords or ad groups, or creating new campaign.

If you simply enter your or your competitor's domains, you will find the most profitable catchwords you both miss. Explore your competitor's everyday budgets, quoted pricing, tagged hits per days, ad texts and other interesting PPC data and numbers. Using Kombat allows you to 3 domains added and avoid that precious catchwords are overlooked.

This will also give you a clear notion of what you should be adding next, based on the catchwords your competition uses on which you are not promoting. The ad histories show advertiser's ad and adkeyword combinations that have been tried and proven and their greatest hit and failure. Searching for historical advertisements of your rivals gives you the ability to optimise your own copy of advertisements. iSpionage is a useful resource for searching engine marketing professionals who want to obtain competitor information to enhance or optimise their campaign.

In addition, the campaign creation period will be shortened, in particular for researching and conducting campaigning in the three main online channels. People who want to get an idea of the actual keyswords, ad texts and advertising budgets of your competitor. Using this utility, you can re-develop your strategy: find out what your rivals are doing, replicate their best thinking along with your own ways to make it better.

Enter a catchword or keydog to find out which catchwords your competition is placing offers on, what ad copy they're using, and which target pages they're leading you to. It makes it simple to build your own campaig. Enter your odds for each matching offer here, set up your ad, enter the address and then choose to print for Google, Yahoo or Bing PPC marketing purposes.

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