Do you know? Advertising (third person singular singular simple present ads, present participative advertising, simple past and past participative advertising). Spätmittelenglisch: from the Old French Avertire, from the Latin advertere "turn towards" (see negative). Ad definition, comment or comment; reference (usually followed by): He briefly pointed to the news of the day.

Advertisement is an advertisement: Simply shorten the advertisement and you will receive advertising.

Do you know?

Make sure that you do not mix these with "advertising".

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One ad, one ad. March 1, 2011, Phil McNulty, "Chelsea 2 - 1 Man Utd", in the BBC[1]: This was a great promotion for the Premier League, both with Chelsea and with the intention of the United to carry out a total assault - but Ferguson will be worried about how his team got off the ground after dominating much of the first season.

The Vatican (trans.), Pope Benedict XVI (Speaker), speaks German in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Austria, 9 September 2007:

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