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The media planner must coordinate his target market with the media audience. The identification of the audience for a magazine or newspaper or the determination of who is watching television at a particular time is a special form of market research that is often carried out on behalf of media owners. Different means (advertising media) such as posters, magazines, newspapers, radio, television and the Internet are used to communicate advertising messages to the public using words, language and images. In this article the ten most important types of advertising media are highlighted. Important media tactics used in modern advertising to reach consumers.

Definition of Advertising Media | Marketing Dictionary

Media refer to the various media through which advertising is made. Ad media are used to present advertising contents, which are transmitted in various formats such as text, language, pictures, videos via TV, radio, on-line, outdoor, etc.. In principle, they are a channel through which businesses can promote their goods and provide customer service.

Promotional media play a central part in the economy and corporate communications. We have many businesses that provide goods and service to businesses. For this reason, businesses recruit and use advertising media to get to their clients. Businesses can select the media they want and conduct an advertising drive based on client demand resolution, advertising budgets, corporate goals, advertising goals, etc.

Promotional media are an important field in economy and advertising. Advertising media are of different kinds. Enterprises can select the desired advertising media according to various factors such as budgets, coverage, customer preference etc. and thus contribute to strengthening their brands. A few of the most important kinds of advertising media are :

Broadcasting media - TV and wireless are two of the most important advertising media known as broadcasting media. Television - Televisions have become a very important instrument for advertising businesses. Enterprises can target series, real-life shows, sporting fixtures, life shows, etc. shown on television and better comprehend the demographic evolution of viewers.

In any case, TV stations are classed as newscasts, sport, science, entertainment, films, children, etc. It will help the advertiser to select and select the canal. Television is thus one of the most widespread advertising media in the whole orbit. Commercials are distributed by broadcasters and TV stations on the basis of the attractiveness of TV broadcasts, TV ratings, etc.

Radiobroadcasting As a tools for advertising and promotion, radiobroadcasting is the most cost-effective instrument a client can have. They are a good advertising medium because they are widely used and easily bought by people. Walkie-talkies allow businesses to target a broad spectrum of clients.

By tailoring the service to the needs of a particular location or area, it is a good way to promote on the basis of clients chosen from geographical segregation. This makes it one of the most efficient instruments for advertising. Printed media: Printed media include advertising media such as newspaper, magazine, leaflet, brochure, poster, sign, advertising space, advertising space and other printed media.

The enormous range of printed media made it a favourite advertising medium. Printed media are aimed at a local public and are available in different language versions. Thus, in comparison to broadcasting advertising media such as TV or the radio, printed media can appeal to a minority population. On-line media: The steady increase in web usage has led businesses to start using on-line media for advertising through advertising.

Humans are linked to the web via media, website browse etc.. As a result, businesses can use these advertising media and serve clients with on-line advertising. Advertisements on line, blog ging, advertising of contents, advertising of affiliates etc. are all carried out with the help of on-line as an advertising medium. Outdoors media: A further favourite type of advertising is the use of outside advertising, posters, OOH (Out of Home) media etc..

Out-of-home advertising is especially useful to attract clients who travel from one place to another. It gives businesses the ability to use outside advertising media to build consumer recognition by placing large posters and billboards over building, nearby street, etc. to ensure maximal exposure. Mobil: As the use and distribution of cell phone advertising has increased, it has become a crucial issue for any company.

As an advertising medium, mobiles help to get through to the customers by distributing message via text message, via community media, via chats etc. Web and portable media also sometimes overlap as Web sites are available on desktops, laptops, and smart phones. This is Specialty Media: This kind of advertising media are more Niche and have a low coverage in comparison to the above media.

In addition to the above, advertising may take the form of traffic signals, i.e. small poster boards we see on train or bus, advertising boards, etc. Advertisements can also be placed in front of cinemas, where they can address a large group of similar target groups in demographic or geographical areas.

It is important for businesses to have a clear vision when selecting advertising media. A few basic procedures to be followed when selecting advertising media are: An analysis is made of the purpose of the enterprise, which products and with which clients it is to be promoted. Enterprises can then select from the various advertising media categories according to different products, customer categories, and advertising budgets.

The advertising media should be selected based on the fact that they offer a maximal ROI. Businesses should be spending a minimal amount on advertising, reaching as many individuals as possible and transforming them into significant revenues in order to bring profits to the business. This process of choosing the appropriate advertising media can be repeatedly carried out over a longer timeframe in order to increase the costs advantage for the enterprise.

There are various measurable variables for each kind of advertising medium: 1. For a printed or TV/radio ad, a telephone number or e-mail can be provided so that clients can reach the business when they want, and we can quantify the effect of the ad by the number of individuals who have tried to reach it.

In the case of an advertisement on the web placed on different websites, the number of hits that lead the client to the company's website will measure the effect of the advertisement if the business or trademark also has an on-line website. However, if the business does not have a website, it can display ad information on the ad as it would with printed advertisements, and the effect can be similarly quantified.

Generally, feed-back tools such as vouchers, toll-free numbers or store feed-back registries can assess the effectiveness of advertising. This completes the definitions of advertising media and their overviews. Explore the definitions and meanings of other words similar to advertising media.

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