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List of the ten best advertising, marketing and design awards that are actually worth the admission price. American Advertising Awards mission is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in advertising. Clios is the prestigious international competition for creative companies. For some, "advertising" is a dirty word. It will remind the world that great advertising today is as powerful as ever.

Advertising and Design Awards

Promotional prices are a profitable trade, which is why there are so many of them. So if advertising companies have less cash to pay out, but awards are still one of the few ways to show great credit, what awards should you try to gain? Here are the best awards shows, the ones that are really important.

This is the award that has high levels of creativity, is widely recognised by the business and means something when you put it on your role or CV. Finally, it makes no sense to list all the awards you have won when you need to declare what they are.

According to the most prestigious advertising brands, the D&AD is the largest and the best. It is one of the few awards that refuse to distribute a gong when the work is not good enough. The majority of other awards will affect their standard to make sure that each award will have a winning entry, but not the D&AD.

Giant advertising and designs have since been presidents of D&AD, among them Paul Brazier, Graham Fink, Mary Lewis, Aziz Cami, Tim Delaney and Martin Lambie-Nairn. There are so high levels of standard to be taken into consideration for a D&AD recognition that they have now received a D&AD nominee accolade. Winning a D&AD pen makes you extraordinary.

By winning a D&AD gold, you have just evolved into a creature-god. Well known as the US counterpart of the D&AD, and often more sought after in the USA than the D&AD, the One Show is another big player in the advertising award game. One Club was created to encourage creativity and excitement in advertising and designing.

As with D&AD, the standard is high. Maybe not as hard as the D&AD, but it's tight. Cannes Lions are actually older than One Show and D&AD, who were in 1954. Launched because a group of global film advertisers (SAWA) felt that advertising should get similar credit as the Cannes Film Festival films.

It rewards everything from advertising and styling to creativity and efficiency - something often ignored in favour of beautiful images and mottos. Not only does it award prizes, but it also conveys information. Your loudspeaker line sounds like a Who's Who of the advertising and designing élite, and this kind of name gives the awards serious credence.

Each year, the prestigious Communication Arts magazine publishes a range of annual print publications that celebrate the best of this year's best work. American Advertising Federation (AAF) celebrate the idea that great things can come from anywhere. Chapter by chapter of the best shows of the German hosts of the German hosts of the German hosts of the German hosts of the German hosts of the German ADDYs.

In addition, it attracts over 40,000 submissions each year, making it the greatest advertising contest in the can. At a lower admission price than most other awards. ADDYs' magistrates are among the best, greatest and most intelligent in the business. The 2011 jury will include Aaron Allen, Weiden & Kennedy's Emerging Design Manager, Steve Babcock, Crispin's Emerging Design Manager, Porter and Bogusky, and Tom Coates, Butler Shine's Emerging Design Manager.

They are harsh reviewers whose own advertising companies have created some of the best advertising in the business in the past. ADDYs are an invitation to the jury, plus the huge popularity of the prizes, to create an exciting haven for agency and creativity who want to put more string in their bows. Obviously, even if it is widely used, it is difficult to win a nationwide prize.

The CLIO name was created in 1959 by Wallace A. Ross and derives from ancient Greece's legend, which is the museum of story and the celebration of successes. Today, the CLIO Awards recognise the best interactive, direct mail, content & contact, film, print, out-of-home, innovation, integrated campaign, radio, design and public relations.

Students' work is also recognised in the areas of interactive, film, print, out of home, innovation, integrated campaign and design. Even the evaluation procedure for the CLIO awards is extremely hard. Fewer than 3 per cent of all submissions received a figurine and less than 1 per cent received the prestigious Gold CLIO. These are hard opportunities with which some agents and individual persons do not want to get involved.

Impact - The survival of the hard evaluation process brings you great credit. As one of the newest children on the bloc, the Shorty Awards (alias Shortys) were launched in 2008 by Greg Galant and Lee Semel of Sawhorse Metal. It was created in response to the growing societal space and the huge amount of advertising and creative that went into creating it.

This prestigious accolade, which focuses on broadcasting and advertising excellence, covers television channel and channel category, television channel, wired networking and system, wireless and interactivity category. The PromaxBDA has 10,000 members in over 70 nations around the globe and the previous recipients of these awards are HBO, FX, Showtime, A+E and Red Bee and more.

Impact - PermaxBDA awards are recognised and coveted. The OBIE Awards, not to be mistaken for the Off-Broadway Awards, also known as OBIE, are celebrating advertising excellence with an emphasis on OOH (Out Of Home). To cut a long long story short, if you have made a killers Billboard or an Outdoor activating, there is a good chance that you have a chance of an OBIE.

On 16 May 2017, this prize was 75 years old and is one of the oldest awards in the advertising world. You will see all these 3-D posters or animated screens that are the focal points of this special awards show. Of all the awards on this page, this is the one that focuses on the efficacy of an advertising or promotional effort; and at the end of the afternoon, isn't that what really counts?

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