Advertising Agency Departments

Departments of the advertising agency

It'?s the engine of every advertising agency. It is the lifeblood of the company, because the creative department is responsible for the product. Ad agencies have a number of key departments that serve their clients. An advertising agency's organisation can be divided into different departments, each with a specialised function.

An understanding of the advertising industry begins with an understanding of how agencies work.

Structure of an advertising agency

Prior to entering the advertising industry, you need to know the basics of how an advertising agency works. There is a big difference in agency sizes and forms, but most companies are following and testing a framework that works well, whether they hire a tens or hundreds of staff. At the smaller offices, some individuals will take on more than one job; one individual can actually be the whole team.

Some of these departments are being dissolved in major agency departments for reasons of effectiveness. Our Accounts Services division consists of Accounts Manager, Accounts Manager and Accounts Director and is in charge of working with the agency's many customers. It is the liaison between the many departments within the agency and the customers who are paying the invoices.

Historically they have been called " the suit " and there have been many struggles between the accounting division and the creativity division. But, as most designers know, a good accounts service crew is vital for a good advertising drive. One of the key tasks of accounting is a soundly based job.

Our research unit unites research with strategy. Frequently a mixture of researcher and accountmanager, the Accounts Planner offers consumers insight, strategy alignment, research, focal groups, and supports in maintaining advertising campaign at goal and market level. Cowpe described accounting as "...the disciplined approach that involves the user in the development of advertising.

In order to be truly efficient, advertising must be both unique and pertinent, and design will help in both ways. "It'?s the motor of any advertising agency. It is the elixir of the company's life, because the creativity division is in charge of the products. An advertising agency is only as good as the advertisements placed by the creativity team.

Role within the creativity division is diverse and usually includes a variety of roles: Writers and artistic managers are coupled in many agency and work as a team. You will also involve the talent of other designer and producer when your work demands it. Sometimes the traffics are routed from a location within the creativity division, although this is usually part of the manufacturing division.

Everybody in the industry will report to the creatives director. It' s his job to control the imaginative products and make sure they are branded, short and on-schedule. Ultimately, that's what advertising companies want. In the middle of all the cash that comes in and out, the agency is the financial and accounting division.

These departments are in charge of paying wages, social security contributions, supplier expenses, travelling expenses, running expenses and everything else you would want from doing business. Whatever your needs, they are in charge of the entire process. It is said that about 70 per cent of the advertising agency's revenue is paid wages and allowances to staff. This number, however, will vary according to the scale and performance of the agency.

The task of purchasing is to obtain the advertising material and/or advertising surface needed for a successfull advertising strategy. As a rule, this is done in cooperation with the creativity division, which has developed the original idea, the customer and the type of presentation desired.

As a rule, this division is headed by a head of communications. That is the task of the manufacturing division. In the course of the creation phase, the manufacturing division is contacted to discuss the viability of implementing certain concepts. As soon as the ad is shipped to the customer, the creativity and accounting team will work with product to produce the ad on-time.

Our manufacturing team also works in close cooperation with the press office, which supplies the specifications and delivery times for the orders. The majority of companies, whether they deal with advertising or not, will have a human resources team. It is the division in charge of the basics of recruitment and dismissal, handling state and national labour legislation, supervision of holidays and illness, and the general well-being of people.

You will often be brought into contact with the Buildings Management Division, which is in charge of maintaining the buildings and keeps everything in the offices functional, secure and state of the art. Bigger firms will be relying on their own research departments to gather a lot of information about present and prospective customers. It is the division in charge of focusing groups and test, analyze and interpret information to help create and support accounting groups to concentrate on new business initiatives.

After descending to a designee with some programming skills, this is a fast-growing division that handles everything from websites and portable designs to applications and even rich interactivity. It may have its own dedicated Creation Manager who specialises in web and on-line designs, up to and beyond UX, and will have a dedicated team that can compete with the scale and power of the Creation team.

I. T. Division isn't just a bunch of little elves in a cellar anymore. This can be a large division, especially in agents that have a large imaginative outreach. The majority of I.T. departments in advertising companies will specialise more on Mac than on PC because most creativity departments work on Apple software.

Small and medium-sized advertising companies roll up the volume of visitors into the productions. It''s Traffic's mission to do every single task in the different phases of customer care, creativity creation, purchasing and manufacturing within a specified time frame. Transport will also make sure that the agency's work runs seamlessly to avoid congestion that can overburden imaginative team members and result in very long working times, lost appointments and difficult customer relations.

There'?s something in here. The traffic?s making the authority?s hearts beat.

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