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So long as people are constantly developing new products, they will continue to create ads. Television advertising is a range of television programmes produced and paid for by a company. This study aims to analyse the impact of the media on the buying behaviour of children in Pakistan. Busses are another site for inventive advertising. Effects of television advertising on the purchase of food for children.

Advertising | Significance of Advertising in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

By Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvertisementad?ver?tise?ment /?d?v??t?sm?nt $ ?ædv?r?ta?z-/ The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvertisementad?ver?tise?ment /?ædv?r?ta?z $ ?ædv?r?ta?z-/ The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvertisementad?ver S3 Substantive [countable] 1 x BAADVERTISE (also informally, advertising British English) an image, a series of words or a shortfilm designed to convince someone to buy a good or to use a service, or to provide information about a available employment, an upcoming incident, etc. Advertising for The Sunday Time.

They saw an ad for a skiing holiday in Vermont. You place an ad in "The Morning News" and offer a high wage for the right one. Those who organized the show had placed a full-page ad in The New York Times. There were only a few answering the ad.

?be an ad for something COLLOCATIONSADJEKTIVES/NOUN + ad car/holiday/shampoo etc. adementa high gloss magazines full of auto adsa vacancyJo read the ads in the paper. a newspaper/magazine adI got the flat through a paper ad. You can buy popup advertising (=one that pops up on your computer monitor all of a sudden when you look at a website) You can buy popup advertising blocking unsolicited popup advertising.

bsput/place an ad in a newspaper/newspaperI have tried to place an ad for subtenants in the regional daily newspapers. Place an ad (=place it on a website)The agent has placed an ad on their website so that alumni can work abroad. place an ad (=arrangement for an ad in a magazine or newspaper)Your label has placed full-page ads in the musical media to advertise the book. place/carry an ad (=print or send an ad)senders are not permitted to place another advertisement for cigarettes. reply reply to an adI have responded to an ad in the volunteer bulletin.

Thesauru adverts ad for ShampooThey placed an ad in the paper. ad informally an ad you were in several TV adverts. ad British English an ad employment adHe turned off a front page for his business. ad an ad on TV or radio TV advertisingHe was in some adverts for wheat alcohol. Wallpaper advertising in the movies, on TV or on-line for a movie or program to be shown in the near futureA second wallpaper advertising for Richard Friedman's movie has just been added to the website. Promoting a range of adverts for a company's products The firm has spend more than $300 million on promotional campaigns for the mark. Posters on a wallYou have chosen a renowned performer to make the posters for the coming work.

Poster a large poster next to a street, with an ad on the billboardA giant poster shows two opposing pictures. Leaflet a sheet of newspaper with an ad on it, which is often given to you in the streetsSomeone distributed leaflets for a new night club. Banners advertising an ad at the top of a page on the internet advertising banners is becoming more and more challenging.

unsolicited advertising in the postI never post unsolicited mails unsolicited mails unsolicited advertising in the postI never ever reread unsolicited mails. unsolicited mails spam unsolicited mails advertising thingsI'm trying to remove all mails deleted. classifieds (also want American English, classifieds British English) a brief ad you want in a paper if you want to buy or yoursThe bicycle was advertised to be sold in the classifieds section.

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