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Promote your house for free

Promoting your home is an expensive business these days. View free sites like Gumtree. On-line real estate agents list your property on literally hundreds of listing sites. Promote on as many websites as possible. Get your free list of real estate headlines.

There are five uncommon ways to yourselves selling your home, among them Facebook Live and Cumtree.

Earlier this week, a house owner in eastern London was the first in the UK to try to buy their flat with an ad on Facebook. It seems that the real estate did not seem to have sells during its life premiere as the list is still available for sale via the Housesimple website. Gumtree, the UK's largest free classified ad site, currently has over 1,000 real estate offers with a large number of adverts posted by private buyers looking to buy and sell their homes without intermediaries.

As Gumtree attracts around 16 million unique viewers every single day, the range of products on offer is enormous. A new flood of house owners has emerged who are trying to plunder their houses by reselling lottery tickets going to individual lottery winners who hope to gain a free home in a sweepstake. Their declared goal was to resell 750,000 seats and earn their £3.75 million.

There are so many house vendors who ask entrants to reply to a query in order to take part in the raffle. After the 2008 fiscal turmoil, there was a ripple of real estate sweepstakes as home owners tried to resell their houses in the midst of a plummeting real estate markets. Whilst it is free to place a listing on Gumtree, eBay subscribers must make a £35 payment - but there is no definitive value added tax to be paid after the sale of a house (although there will be a PayPal fee).

As with Gumtree, home vendors must submit an ad, a brief notice, photos and a minimum land plot rate. Because there is no offer on a small ad, the bid should be what the owner would like to get, and not the initial bid as in an auctions.

For those who struggle with the sale, they also have the opportunity to "trade" their houses with others through websites such as Easy House Exchange and Preloved. Home owners can view their properties on these pages - free of charge - with photos, a briefing, the value of the house and what they are looking for.

As an example, a landlord who lives in a 800,000 five-bedroom Bristol home may want to reduce the size and move to London, where a similarly expensive threebedroom home will allow a host of families to look for an extension and move out of the city. Once one home is more precious than another, the owners can accept the distinction.

Since the exchange of real estate is a deal, just like the sale, it is important that both sides hire a lawyer.

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