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Select your advertising style. () You can change your mind later. Providing your home to guests should be a stress-free experience. Comfortable position on a solid flat block. Reduce your stress, fill your vacancy and read more.

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Our goal is to place advertisements that are pertinent and appealing to the specific users and are therefore more useful for the publisher and third-party advertiser. Search for tenants, real estate administration and rental guarantee. Complete rental and rental services with one of our highly skilled staff to help you.

To find your perfect tenant, we sell your real estate on the top websites. Obtain our rental services and complete house administration for only 6%. Can' t find your inquiry?

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Help us (and yourself) by making the best and most informational ad you can make. The creation of an ad will make your needs available in our shared apartment finder and allow you to find the right solution with e-mail content updated every day. Everybody likes a photo, so make sure you are uploading a photo with your ad.

Ads with one image get an astonishing 4-fold return quota! We offer our free Messaging Services!

It should be a stress-free adventure to offer your home to guests."

It should be a stress-free adventure to offer your home to guests." There' s a hotel everywhere, but not your home. Providing a win-win for travellers and hosters is an enjoyable way of experiencing how to live like a native in your home and earn an honest salary in exchange. Visitors are not foreigners, they are human beings. In several places we advertise for a larger presence so that we can find the right persons for your home.

It is our belief that the recruitment of the right person is the first stage to a satisfying and rewarding dining event. In addition to polite and prompt answers and elitist problem-solving abilities, our highly skilled and dedicated staff is fully qualified to make sure your home is in good and secure hands. Our staff is always ready to help you find the best solutions. Your frequent e-mail communications keep me informed of enhancements to the management of your shortterm properties listing and of proposals to make sure that my home remains an appealing lease" "It's a great deal for us because we have to be in our own home all year to sign up!

What we like is that we can trust a reliable group to rent our apartment, without having to be available for the coordination of keys, washing, etc. ourselves. At first we were anxious, but the quiet and thorough service they showed us, our visitors and our estate was first-rate.

Our aim was not to have long-term renters for our real estate and to maximise our returns through short-term rentals. There is nothing that is ever a bottleneck for the staff and our apartments are more than a compliment to the services they offer. You will do everything you can to help us as the owner and our visitors.

Couldn't have found a better management tool for our real estate.

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