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There are seven of the best places to find tenants for your property. Renting and leasing of real estate online. Like in other countries, most properties in Switzerland are advertised online. Promote rental houses and apartments. Just list your rental properties once, advertise on all these websites!

Indeed, there are four different kinds of offers:

Indeed, there are four different kinds of offers: That is the base entry you can buy. It' s the least costly, but it often means that your property will end up several pages down in the results for your area. This will also give you a photocarousel in the results of your searching.

Again, these offers are somewhat more costly, but they also place your property in front of the places where renters look first, even before the offers "featured" and "standard". You' ll get great pictures that are fourfold as big as a normal ad. Priciest way of collection, Premiere rankings put you at the top of all results, and you get the biggest ad on the page as well.

Their entry is also placed every 15 day at the top of the results. It is therefore decisive to have your property before more eyes, quicker. When you have a default entry, your property could be as far back in results as on page 16! Melbourne CBD default rentals results showing a new entry - all the way back on page 16!

Hardly anyone will see this offer unless they really research into the filtering choices, but less than half of all those who do have no great opportunity. Although even if they use the maps feature to look on their mobile phones, they don't necessarily see your property - only the first 30 entries in the results.

Downloading more than 30 property files at once slows down the application. When you have a default offer, you lose out to anyone else who pays a little more for a highlight or premiere offer. This means that it takes longer for your property to be let and you are paying more for the cost of vacancies.

You will see how far back the lists of standards really are. What makes Cubbi different? Cubbi is different here. We' ve found that other agents and executives charge fees for default entries - and so do we. Thus many lessors asked us to upgrade their real estate to presented or accentuated offers, but it was too costly for them.

Would you like to begin promoting your property? Now you can make your entry in 30 min online.

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