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Promote on our website, we have very low prices and many advertising media formats. Marketers monitor their statistics online via our campaign control panel. These are some of the reasons why you should advertise on our website: The sponsorship includes banner advertising on our homepage as well as on the entire website, depending on the sponsorship level you have chosen. Traffic is one thing, but conversion numbers are much more important.

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Promote on our website, we have very low prices and many ad mediums. Marketers track their statistics on-line through our campaigns monitoring panels. Buy 250,000 prints and get a 10% BONUS. Our website banner ads provide efficient, very cost-effective website ad management that allows marketers to place their banner ads on our website in various location.

Administer your campaigns and ads on-line using our clear, easy-to-understand controls. Our advertiser controlpanel allows you to see your real-time stats with ad imprints and click-throughs. You can download your statistic reports or send them to you by e-mail as often as you like. The system is engineered to be very affordable and simple to use, so you can get going right away.

If you have a different ad format or style in your ad campaigns, please feel free to get in touch with us to talk about our deployment and price structure. See impressions and click rates on-line in live. Marketers receive their own personal credentials to gain control of our advertising control panel.

After logging in, marketers can see the power of their campaigns at any hour of the morning or evening. There is no need to await a planned stat istic upgrade, your graphs are displayed in live mode. You can also send your statistical information by email to your own email account at a point in your life when you can decide to inform yourself more about your campaigns.

You can view statistical information for Click and Click thrus in table and graph form and break it down by single ad, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly. This allows you to see the snapshots and snapshots taken for a particular ad at a particular time of night. Feel free to browse and view your campaigns statistic report, which will be export as CSV and used in a spread sheet.

There' a handy integrated support request if you need to ask a query or make a modification to your campaig. Please click on a picture to get a bigger one. Dependent on your promotional experiences, the term campaing can ring like a big, costly business, which it can be for big businesses.

Campaigning can be as easy as displaying a flag. CPM is bought, which means Costa Per Impress. There'?s a 100,000 print limit. BONUS of 10% is granted for a sale of more than 250,000 prints with a combined 275,000 prints. The conditions are net 0, at this point we will check the transaction and get in touch with you to obtain your advertising material, destination URL, control panels username/password and any other information necessary for the proper placement of your advertisements.

We are only liable for the amount of the sales proceeds of your advertising campaigns. Like all websites that exist from period to period, there are temporary business disruptions. If the website services are disrupted, no pages or advertisements will be shown so that you do not loose anything.

Because this is a common event on Web sites and nothing gets missed, no credits are given for periodic outages. *TCPM Calculation = Costs Per ThousandImpressions | Impresss Calculation Calculator Calculation Default | When an ad is placed | All rates are in USD. 25,000 free prints if you buy 250,000 prints.

The service is bought per 1000 images. There'?s a 100,000 print limit.

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