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Tips for the online sale of software and services 14

To have a good application or a good customer care does not ensure your satisfaction. Where do you get your softwares or your offer before the customers? SaaS, classic SaaS, classic distribution and marketers are sharing their ideas on how to increase your online selling opportunities. Whether you sell your products as a SaaS, CD or DVDs, your company's multi-billion dollars worth of revenue is constantly adding new providers and products.

Gartner forecasted in a recent market trend prognosis that SaaS and cloud-based enterprise applications services alone would generate revenues of $32.2 billion by 2016. However, just because you have created a great appliance or a great answer doesn't mean your project will succeed. How can you therefore improve your chance that your product will be bought?

Below you will find the 14 most important hints on how to resell your products over the Internet. Leverage a trusted cloud hosted experience instead of administering everything internally. When you can hosted in theoud, why invest the amount of your resources and resources to build and maintain your infrastructures? "Within just a few short clicks, a single hosted company can provide you with purpose-built server and clamped server, and your company will go live with minimal costs and risks," said Emil Sayegh, chief executive officer and chairman of Codero Hosted, a supplier of purpose-built, managed services and clamped hosted services.

Additional advantages of your hosted softwares in the cloud: "In order to be able to sell your products online, it's important to get your input before you invest too many of your own efforts in developing your website or product," says Phil Sharp, Senior Marketer, It will help you make early improvements to your products and help you safe tens of millions of dollars.

3 "3. Take a free evaluation. Particularly if you are "a small, unfamiliar business, you need to do something to help prospective clients realize that your products are not fraud, and it will work for them," says Kelly Wilkerson, co-founder of Decipher Media, which provides desktops for iPhone file management software.

"A little more than half of the clicks on the "Buy" link on our website come from the "Register" link in our testing tool and not from our normal products page on the website. Help Security Patch Soft. Nothing like a free evaluation version will help. "You can also provide free copies of your free version of your application - free entry to core functionality with the ability to add extra value to your free version of free functionality," said Michelle Nerlinger, senior vice president of merchandising for SafeNet, a privacy vendor.

" Ryan Connors, Marketingmanager at Apptegic, a supplier of solutions for retaining customers, adds: "By overcoming the obstacles to acceptance, you will find that your customers are more enthusiastic and willing to try your products and services. Add a videotape that shows how your products work. "Do you have a one to two minutes long videotape that explains your products or services," anywhere on your website, recommends Alex Capehart, VP of Strategic Accounts at Hosting Services Media Temple.

"Animations are great for a straightforward abandonment, and a videotape of staff can give a personal touch to a tech support that people may not comprehend. "Six. Show your clients that you know their grief. "Seth Lieberman, SnapApp chief executive officer, said, "Whether it's to tell a story to illustrate how your application makes your job simpler, or to alleviate anxious or careful emotion associated with a potentially significant return on your investments by delivering invaluable information, building relationships around your products is an effective way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Add spreadsheets with features/benefits comparisons. This includes "product features and utility comparisons that show your brand in the best light," says David Howard, a Consultiq marketer. "Everyone can tell you that their software is great to be bought, so it's best to have an honest recommendation from a third party," says Jennifer Borun, senior vice president of communications and communications, GoingOn Networks, a provider of higher learning collaborative development services.

"Empowering your clients to tell their own tales about why they chose your products and how they meet their challenges is the best way to get your messages across and get your products sold. They can record these histories in case histories, an online social networking site, or blogs. "And this will validation your products (if it's good) and attract visitors to your website.

Provide a money-back guaranty. "Research has shown that a trustworthy and well presented monetary back-warranty can actually boost revenue by up to 40 percent," said Stephen Dodd, chief executive officer of, a creator of timing solutions. Dodd proposes 120 workingdays for the warranty period, which provides to its clients.

"Having a brief warranty makes it more likely that the client will involve you," says Mr Deoddsays. "You' re under a lot of stress to get your warranty back before it's too late. Sorry. A long warranty gives the client the feeling that he has more free choice. "Bringing our telephone number to our website has helped us increase revenue, not the number of calls," says John Hurley, co-founder of SmartFile, the SmartFile family' filesharing services.

"Certainly an e-mail is simpler to manage, but showing folks that you have a telephone number gives prospective clients a feeling of consolation to know that you are a true company. "We' ll never speak to 99% of our clients, but to let them know they can get in touch with us at any hour of the morning or evening is a long way to build confidence with your prospective clients," says Hurley.

"Genuine multi-channel campaigns can speed the introduction of new services," said Singu Serinivas, Managing Director of Waterstone Management Group, a strategy consulting group. "Netflix, for example," says Mr. Sullivan, "has used a mixture of market strategy - online ad, affiliated ad, TV/radio/print, collaborative programming with media programmers, partnership with entertainment electronic companies and freemium/promotion - to expand its client portfolio.

" So why look for potential customer fora? They can use the query field to find potential clients who have asked about your kind of product," he says. Answer your folks with tips on how to fix their issues, along with a quick shortcut so they can try your one.

Utilize key figures - and adapt your online advertising accordingly. "If you sell online advertising products, you can't define and ignore your [marketing] campaigns," says Caroline Cummings, VP of Marketing/Palo Alto software.

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