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Free advertising in the newspaper

Your local newspaper editor urgently wants to give you free advertising. There are two main types of newspaper advertising, namely classified (which is what this website is about) and displayed. Advertising in newspapers is often a double-edged sword. Q: Should I contact the newspaper about their offer to design an advertisement for me free of charge? I'm in favour of newspaper advertising for a lot of reasons.

Thousands of free newspapers and periodicals.

Whilst verbal propaganda is a good resource for free publicity for an existing enterprise, a new enterprise needs to focus on making sure it knows that it does exist, what it does and where it is at. Prospective entrepreneurs must advertise their product or service at a point in their lives when they may have scarce resources.

Posting your company's news release can generate free publicity in tens of millions of newspapers as well as journals that can help raise your company's profile and hopefully your revenue. Find out which journals and papers are sharing your client demographics similar to those of your organization. Usually, a basic research on the web leads to several hundred articles.

Thus, for example, the keyword research "Magazines: Classic Recipes" provides more than 2 million results. Do the same to find printed papers. Read the submit policy to see how each newspaper or journal is accepting materials from the general public. Please see the submit policy for more information. It may be necessary to submit a request for quotation to some journal publishing houses while others are accepting unwanted materials.

Accurately adhere to the policies to improve your chances of adoption. Check the tables of content of each journal for the last two years to ensure that the publication has not recently posted similar papers to yours. Also, for newspaper and periodicals, check out some newspaper and periodical content that your targeted readers are reading to find out the style and length of the paper.

Locate the publisher's name and e-mail adress for each issue to which you send a news bulletin or articles. A newspaper usually prints this information on page 2; a magazine can be printed anywhere on the first page or even at the end of the paper. Please send your e-mail or letter with the full name and heading of the publisher.

Because you are in contact with a large number of documents, use the "BCC" (BlindCarbonCopy) feature in your e-mail client to optimize this workflow; BCC also avoids your mail looking like a bulk e-mail, even if you are sending it to more than one recipient at the same time. Alternatively, you can engage an audience company on-line to deliver your news releases to hundreds of publishing houses at once.

But if you want totally free publicity, use the more time-consuming way of searching and mailing the information itself. Create a news bulletin about your products or services and keep the sound of the play informational and fascinating instead of obviously commercial. There is a better likelihood that a well-written "human interest" news item, following the filing rules and spelling styles of the newspaper or journal, will be released than a commercial one.

In addition, a time-critical article can better attract the newspaper editor's interest, while a journal reporter needs a longer turnaround period. Generate multiple copies of the news release in order to address different filing requirements. Your time-critical news announcement may refer to your attendance at an imminent meeting, while a journal entry may cover uncommon or interesting issues related to your company.

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