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I have created some clean and modern looking banners that cover the most popular ad space sizes. Hello guys, today I will teach you how to make a simple Advertise Here Banner for your website. Adds a nice advertising banner to your Blogger blog. With this banner you can earn money until you receive Adsense revenue. These are some ideas on how to do exactly that:

Neat and contemporary "Advertise here" banner set

It was my decision to put together a good banner advertising here kit that can be used by folks in their topics to fill advertising space. I' ve produced some neat and trendy looking banner ads that fit the most common ad space size. These are the greats of the "Advertise Here" banners:

Have a look at the picture below to get a better idea of what the advertised banner looks like: I' m quite relaxed when it comes to licencing and attributes, so here are my rules: but it'?d be great if you gave me a loan. Simply click on the huge buttons below and start enjoying your new banner!

Add advertising here to Blogger Blogger Blogger Banner

Hello guys, today I will be teaching you how to make a easy advertise here banner for your website. And I know that a bunch of bloggers would like to have advertising banners on their website so that their users know that there is still free advertising time. A good Advertise Here Banner is not a bad thing when it comes to getting your advertiser to advertise on your blogs.

It' s only one way to indicate where you are placing your ad, if possible they will choose to advertise your website. On Google there are many Tutorials that teach you how to place Advertise Here banners on a website. But some of the Tutorials use pictures that can actually sometimes influence the download times on our site and the worse thing that banner advertising does not download in browser.

We thought that our Advertise Here banner was completely uploaded on every user's web page on our site. To bloggers: If you want to insert an advertising banner on your side bar, just adjust its width and heigth.

Don't neglect to modify its line length, which is adjusted to 80% in the above code. If you want to modify the banner Advertise wallpaper here, just modify this value. Colour blue: This colour relates to the text advertise here, just modify this value if you want the text to be larger or smaller.

Purple color: Just substitute this barcode with your own advertising here.

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