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What is a small enterprise when you have free ad spaces on your website from Google, HopStop and Facebook? facebook splashed last weekend when it heralded a $10 million free commercial launch for small companies in January. It says the movement allows small businessmen to test the water of online community ads - and at the same time help launch a new surge of faithful publishers on Facebook who it expects to stay close in the long run.

However, the world's biggest online site for online and offline networks is not the only one that pushes the "like" buttons for small companies. Business owners have recently found a welcoming welcome chat on the web, as websites try to advertise locally to run along results while strengthening relations that could be keys to their business futures.

HopStop, the directional transits site, is pleased to announce a similar free programme this months. Small companies can advertise for free on HopStop for 30 consecutive nights for a value of up to $250. Plus the LinksIn web site makes occasional deals to help small businessmen choose from $50 to $100 free gift certificates. And even the quest queen can join the free promotional game:

Google Ads not only provides free credit to non-profit organizations through its AdWords programme, but also conducts promotional activities for new AdWords clients. This includes vouchers for on-line advertisement campaign, says speaker Crystal Dahlen. Free promotional offerings could come at an opportune moment for small business proprietors, many of whom have borrowed to keep the door open just two years ago, says Joe Zetecki, U.S. Small Business Administration Vice Alternate Communication Adminstrator.

At a time when the economic downturn has peaked, companies want to recuperate and regain growth. "What kind of small business is in it? HopStop displays the advertisements in accordance with the results of the results of the search, so that if someone gets a route description for e.g. a theatre, they get an advertisement for a restaurant or shop near the theatre.

Is there a better way to place advertisements locally than in the immediate vicinity? According to Meyer, the time of the programme that comes after Facebook's announcements is random: "The site has been dealing with a scaleable ad locally engine for month. How does a company get the freedom it needs?

You need to place a hyperlink to the Hopstop notices on your website, and then you can benefit from 30 days of free publicity that can deliver up to 12,500 views. At the moment, the website's advertisements are geographic oriented promotions that are directly marketed through ad houses to mostly large domestic or local marketers. The Facebook programme will give companies $50 in advertisements that they can place on a focused user roster, which could lead to thousands of images, says Grady Burnett, Facebook's VP of Marketing and Communications.

Small-sized companies have always grew through the power of relationship. "But free publicity is only the first part of the drive to make lasting acquaintances with the small biz. In the second part, Facebook will take the show on a journey and conduct city-to-city Tutorials, Courses, and Workshop sessions to help companies better interpret and get the most out of their Facebook ads.

Finally, there will be a competition that rewards small companies that successfully showcase best practice through free publicity with even more free publicity: most check-ins, create a corporate environment, and otherwise grow through the use of online content. HopStop and Facebook both said that they will soon be making promotional point apps available directly on their pages.

Still, Facebook is working with the United States Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businessmen to establish what is classified as a "small" company, but Burnett says corporations need a "brick mortgage location" to be able to join. HopsStop says it will assess the advertiser on a case-by-case base. So, if the big sites rely on small enterprises as the advertisement's bright spots, why should they give away a great deal of free place - a great deal of it?

Websites bet that focused, locally focused advertisements will be more appealing to small companies that are reluctant to invest in a printed ad or poster where the effects are much more challenging to assess. They also bet that with some key figures - proof of targeting advertisements - small companies will become addicted and come back and buy more.

"We' re interested in showing our value to the small company and the small scale promotional industry," says Meyer. Recently introduced changes to the time line and share features make it clear that Facebook aims to become a turntable for everyday interaction of all kinds. In order to ensure a stable earnings basis for the coming years, companies must be connected to the entire ecological system.

According to a survey of Webtrends, Facebook is anticipated to release this year 4 billion dollars in advertisements. One company "hopefully sees an increase in customer loyalties, a deepening capacity to deal with customers". Hopefully, our advertiser will grow enormously and move forward with us. "Zetecki says that some small and new shopkeepers may have been reluctant to try web ads during the downturn because they are concerned about tying up scarce funds for new businesses.

"He says there are many competitive requirements for timing and focus and dollars when you' re a small company. "Put that on other free ressources - from Facebook pages, Twitter account, blog, Tumblr and more - and small companies now have a plethora of free choices that taken together could have a higher value than conventional advertisements.

"There are a whole bunch of small business development utilities that they can use now," he says.

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