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It was at this moment that the fabric roll unfolded gracefully and revealed the slogan: "Promote the King and the Kingdom...". Reach our audience through our sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

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"Advertise the King and the Kingdom!"

Temperatures had already risen on this Friday morning in September 1922, when 8,000 spectators pushed into the audience. During this important meeting, the chair said that everyone had the opportunity to exit the building, but no one was to enter it again. Athur and Nellie Claus got here early to get good places.

"I' ve held on to every word," said Arthur. Grudgingly he walked out of the room and knew that he could not enter again. How can you go at such a time?" And Arthur knew he had to. Arthur returned from his visit and listened to resounding clapping from inside the arena. Looking for a place outside the hallway where he could listen to what was going on inside, he found a place where he could go up to the 4.8 metre high canopy.

Arthur found several brethren in a dilemma looking down on the loudspeaker. Was Arthur wearing a hot pocket knife? So Arthur and the others took their places and awaited the announced beacon. Brother Rutherford said "Advertise!" a second times, they were supposed to be cutting the strings. Then the Arthur brethren declared that they had ascended a ledge to the top of the building and that the ledge had been taken away.

Jehovah had responded to their prayers in a very interesting way.

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