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You use the ADSTART command to indicate the beginning of an operation manual. When you have specified the OPTIONS ACTION(ADD) and an existing task with the same ADID, STATUS, and ADVALFROM already exist, these operations are performed: ADSTART is aborted. Ignore the following instructions until the next ADSTART or OISTART instruction is found in the initial record.

  • --The following keywords can be set: ---)-' -------+-)-'---')-' ---)-')-'-' -+-)-' You cannot use ACTION(SETDEFAULT) to define standard settings for this keyword: ADID. If you specify SETDEFAULT, the rest of the value of the keywords you specify in the ADSTART Statement become defaults for all subsequent ADSTART statements. There is no update of the user manual.

When you specify ODD or use it by default, it may cause the command to cause the entire data base to be updated. The request name or ID of the new task, either in EBCDIC or in DBCS formats, as specified in the OPTIONS directive. When using DBCS chars, you must type them as a quotated character chain starting with shift-out (X'0E') and ending with shift-in (X'0F').

The name of the group ID used by this program to create run-cycle information. This name can be in either EBCDIC or database system standard as specified in the OPTIONS directive. When using dBCS chars, you must type them as a quotated character chain starting with shift-out (X'0E') and ending with shift-in (X'0F').

It is only applicable for an AddYPE of A and should not be specified with CALENDAR. AddYPE ( A | G) flag Apply mode. It shall be determined that the end of the term of validation shall be such as to cover the whole duration until 31 December 2071, taking into consideration the available description of use.

A freely formatted 24-character version of the program enclosed in simple quotes.

The name of the authorization group to be used for the extra authorization check. Up to 8 chars can be specified. ODSCR ("owner description") A freely formatted user definition of up to 24 chars enclosed in simple quotes. The name of the user who owns the program.

Up to 16 chars for EBCDIC or 7 chars forDBCS can be entered. Alphabetical lower case letters a-z are converted to upper case letters A-Z. When using DDBCS symbols, you must type the name as a quote sequence that begins with a shift-out and ends with a shift-in. PRRIORITY (priority | 5) The planning priorit of the use.

An ADSTYPE of A is the only value for this argument. This example uses default values for all subsequent ADSTART statements: For this example, the REORG7 program, which is an emergency program, is created by the REORG7 program.

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