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Advanced Data Source (ADS) E-mail format

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Have YouTube notes, the free music, with ads that pays well, if not better, than paid.

In addition, the rumours about Spotify and Google in the USA have always been about the fact that the US brands don't want to allow free lots of free songs.... Often you have to explain that "free" does not necessarily mean "no money", and if you do it right, it can actually mean "more money".

Hall's predilection for kitschy advertising will pay off when the owner hooks up the cake.

Advertisements are outrageously tacky, but those advertisements for the Grand Prospect Hall that seem to run continuously have turned the owner into a whole bunch of cheddars. Halkias have divided the trashy adverts into celebrity and big-ticket booking - and now they even want to open an 11-story building near their Park Slope Hal.

"Michael Halkias said last night about the low-budget advertising. "Nobody can question the efficiency of our business," the man said. In 1981 the pair purchased the shed. Michael describes the 1892 edifice in a thick Grecian stress as "extremely stylish yet affordable", while his woman pronounces "glamour and romance".

Your latest spot, shot in 2009, has the same effect. She begins with a mounting of the artistic wall panelling, neon-lit ceiling and large staircases of marble - in the backdrop the musical performance of Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" takes place. Alice promised, "We'll make your dream come true."

Advertisements run 20 x daily on TV, and Michael Halkias estimated that 98% of urban dwellers have seen them. "And I said, "We'll make all your hopes come true," Michael remembers. "One way we can get a sense of our own region is through the kitschy advertisements," he said. "There' s gonna be this publicity jumping around in your mind somewhere.

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