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Fun advertising: Strange, crazy ads and why they work

It' s every advertiser's fantasy to make a virtual movie that will be put on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (ha, yes, because G+ interests people). Like we' ve talked about in earlier articles, the odds of an ad becoming Viral are quite slim - you're much better off making instructional or tutorial movies that generate a constant rush of traffic over the years.

It seems one thing to be clear - most of them are absolutely hysterical. It' not only fun, but also strange, whimsical and even almost weird. We' re looking at some of the strangest, craziest ads around today and looking at why they are succeeding. It was this tape that was the inspiration for this article - I really wanted to split this ludicrously strange ad.

In fact, it may be too much fun - in the ad they have to point out that it is a genuine item and not a laugh. How come people like the Dollar Shave Club ad? Dollar Shave Club ad uses the same kind of haphazard humor that makes Family Guy famous - the unanticipated, strange and unusual items give a feeling of serenity.

The Dollar Shave Club as well as the PooPourri advertising follow the Old Spice ads, which have an almost similar look. Visit our detailed article on how to create your own explanatory videotape - videotapes like these can be truly invaluable for your company.

Continuing with our bath topic, here is another strange but instructive ad describing the benefits of using a period mug compared to a tampon. The next item is the fun PPC ads. Hilarious PPC ads: You have two kinds of "funny PPC ads" - those that are fun because they are absolutely catastrophic, and those that deserve a smile for their wisdom and resourcefulness.

Above ad is fun, but for the wrong reason. How about the PPC ads that are really fun? Literal speaking, there is simply no such thing as physics - with only 130 signs (less than a tweet!) it is difficult to advertise your products or services and present your joke at the same time. While this one is more imaginative than fun, it's still a caller.

In continuation of our fun topic we also have some fun picture ads. What makes corporate design so beloved? Pictures attract more interest than text, and well-known brand names do not need much room to declare their products - as the Dothraki would say it is known. Given the predominance of on-line spaces and on-line contents that complement in-print advertising, some advertiser, even those not so well known, would prefer to use the printing spaces to attract publicity with a strong branding.

Many of the above mentioned advertisements may be a bit youthful. To say nothing of the fact that a shit tape should be in the New Yorker, but there's a smartness you don't find in many of the above mentioned printed ads. Restricted spaces mean that the advertiser is accountable for grasping the most intensive emotions in the shortest possible timeframe.

Hopefully you have been enjoying this brief discussion of the fun ads of our age. Perhaps some of these crazy ads have inspire some fun, imaginative idea?

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