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Humans often make a mistake and write "Freeads" instead of "Free Ads". The Freeads UK is a very popular advertising platform among Londoners. On Admart Free Ads and other related information. Newspapers Publishing is one of several companies based in Taunton, Somerset. Free Admart ads, free classifieds for the Westland.

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Humans often make a big error and type "Freeads" instead of "Free Ads". Occasionally you miss spaces (typing too quickly with the keyboard?) and just don't look at the quest he's doing. Conversely, many folks don't realise that "Freeads" is a typo because they use it all the while looking for classifieds.

Since I am also an on-line classifieds advisor, I was really amazed by the number of queries for "Freeads" and the appeal of the sentence, which can generate a great deal of circulation. In addition, you can check the attractiveness of both expressions against e.g. the Google Trends-Builder. "Can I get a link to the most precious sites when I look for free ads?" I tried to check the number of results provided by the browser and the resemblance of the results.

These are the numbers: Freeads: - 569,000 pages in Google, - 394,000 pages in Yahoo!, - 121,000 pages in Live Search. free ads: - 121,000,000,000 pages in Google, - 312,000,000,000 pages in Yahoo!, - 168,000,000,000 pages in Live Search. It is interesting to note that Yahoo! makes proposals for some extra words (such as "freeads uk", "diamond freeads", "admart freeads", "freeads hampshire") when searching for "freeads", although they are all still typos!

Google and LiveSearch don't do the same. If you compare the number of results of all three big searching machines, you can see that more than 500-1000x results are given back for "free ads"! - 1 (!) website appears in both Top10 results ( in Yahoo!, - there is also 1 (!) website appears in both Top10 results ( in Live search.

After comparing the results I have to say that "free ads" are much more precious - the search for this sentence provides the largest and most liked ranked sites (like craigslist), probably due to the fact that due to the competitive nature of the term only the largest sites are able to hold a high ranking.

Ps. When you are reading the whole story, I strongly suggest that you either go to the website "freeads uk" or the website "freeads US", according to the area you live in. Classifieds website advisor who helps them maximise your site's exposure to visitors.

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