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Adding click sites

Apple comes with a handful of child-friendly websites by default, but you can also add your own: On the Security tab, click Trusted Sites, and then click Sites. Type the URL of your trusted website, and then click Add. In order to add a button for easy payments, go to My Pages and click Add Pages ? Type the URL of your trusted website, and then click Add.

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If you would like your breeding site to be added to this page, please get in touch with one of the administrators (Bluesonic1). Klick sites are places where you can type in your kites to give them the necessary view to securely grower. Normally it is not advisable to use more than 2 click pages with high levels of visitor at the same moment, or your egg and kitten can get sick - this does not apply to the Forums.

A few clicks can also be called " hatcheries " - places for egg breed. Fan sites can also be featured in this item. Do not add any descriptive, praiseworthy or other kind of conversation that would attract one page's interest over another. In order to add your hyperlink here, or if you find that one of the hyperlinks here is defective, either get in touch with one of the administrators mentioned or post a note on the conversation page.

Creating one

One-click site creation gives you the ability to manipulate the site contents after they are made. You cannot manipulate the layouts or styles of one-click sites, so you cannot use the Build section of the editor. If you open a One-Click site in the Editor, you only have the following tabs:

In order to be able to edit a One-Click site's style and layouts, you must update your plan to either a plan for the One-Click site that you can modify or a "normal" multi-page plan. Either Subscribe removes the Smart Submission Rule, which is an automatic section addition to the site when you add new contents to Global Data.

If you work with one-click sites, you have the option to edit all the contents of the site. On the Contents page in the editor, you make this setting. You' ll find a listing of different kinds of contents that you can add to your One-Click site. Please click on the link below for information about the respective contents type:

*Please be aware that One-Click sites are designed to contain up to a 12 image gallery limit on the website. And even if you add more than 12 pictures to your uploaded media, only 12 pictures will be displayed on the posted website. For One-Click sites, the style sheet used is built on a series of style rules that make sure that the information you add in the contents boxes is added to the website properly and consistently.

As an example, if you add a movie under Contents > Videos, a section of the movie is added to your One-Click site as well. When you remove the movie from the contents, the section on the website is hidden as well. For all other contents areas, the procedures are the same. A 301 redeirect is a perpetual re-direct from one site to another; this means that if you have old sites but want to keep their value, you can re-direct them to your new one-click site.

You can add one or more laws to help you meet your compliance with your country's laws by describing how you gather, maintain and retain information on your website. One-Click Site Templates are developed to generate up to two additional pages depending on which boxes you have completed in Global Database > Global Info page.

The pages are created when one of the corresponding right text boxes is completed. If you enter {legal_privacy} only, but not {legal_header_privacy}, the Privacy Policy page is created. Instead, the system generates automatic hyperlinks to the pages in the bottom line of the home page.

If, for example, you have not populated {legal_privacy} or {legal_header_privacy} in Global Data, the Privacy Policy page will not be created and the home page will not contain a shortcut to it in the bottom line. On the One-Click page, the look and feel of the contacts form varies with whether or not the Global Data {legal_privacy} box has been populated.

Once {legal_privacy} has been completed, the form contains a binding agreement asking the end customer to certify that he has reviewed and accepted the data protection statement. Your permission refers you to the page with the data protection guidelines so that your visitors can open and view them without difficulty. There is no agreement ticket in the form if {legal_privacy} is not completed.

Modify the destination of the website to be converted under Content > Store Information. You can configure the website with elements such as the editor user surface languages, cookies alerts, favoricon, etc. in the editor preferences. The editor gives you standard control over the CRM and Apps tab pages. That means you can add a CRM plan to the site in RAI.

You have two options for using the CRM plan with one-click sites (trial and blocked one-click plans): In this section, you will also find on-site commitments if you have added the RAI plan. The Preview and Publish button are located in the upper right hand corners of the editor. You can only see the icons if you are on the Contents page of the Editor.

Easily previeve your One-Click site at any point to get an idea of the different preferences you implement and how they look on your site. Once you're done add publishing to your website, click the Publish next to Previews and your changes will be committed there.

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