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Insert a new classified ad. Small ads are the source of Internet advertising that you can see in hard core media channels like newspapers, for which you have paid high prices. Jom Classifieds Admin Options comes with a simple and powerful admin interface that allows the administrator to perform the following tasks: Kindly note that your classified ad is only complete after receipt of payment.

Which is classified added in Add Search Engine (SEO)?

Classifieds are the resource of web ad that you can see in tough nuclear mediums like papers for which you have paid high prices. Classified online advertisements are almost free for any kind of publicity on the web, some of the sites offer different version of premiums where you can add photographs, several website link, e-mail addresses to present the visitor.

The majority of the best rated sites also convert to search engines, so once you've indexed your company in classified advertisements, you'll also be browsed through their search engines. Small advertisements are one of the most efficient in off-page SOEO, through small advertisements we get a bunch of backlinks.

Advertising details:

Using this simple online application you can easily place your classified ad with one of our related publishers. Just fill in your data and your advertisement text, choose your starting date and fill out the following forms. You will then be approached by an advertiser to initiate your transaction. Commercial details: Contacts: Kindly reply to this short quotation question: 99-9=?

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The classified plug-ins contained all the necessary functions required to create a website for classified entries. There is a large selection of backend options for the page administrator and the frontend ad hosting system, such as users can add/edit/delete their posts at any given moment. Configure the length of the list to the number of workdays. Field Controls for the List View.

Field Controls for the Detail View. Please use the detailed page of the offer for the information request page. The number of picture controls per offer. Approval by automatic or manual listings. Complete email messaging and messaging controls. Colour controls for primaries, links, buttons and labels. Controls picture sizes for thumbnail, gallery. Maximum picture load resize check. Permanent link controls for detail page list.

Infinite number of user-defined boxes. There is no limit to the number of user-defined items you can define and define by categories. Or, you can make a group and field under that group. It is possible to build limitless locations. Every single frontend member can manage his personal information and the list from the frontend. Picture control: Every picture can be controlled like picture galleries, thumbnails and maximum picture sizes can be uploaded by a single uploader.

From the quotes we have, you can make a check to make a deposit for the quote. Also, full controls over the e-mail text with the right tag. Monitoring the publication of advertisements: Automatic ad authorization preferences or any ad administrator approves advertisements and then publishes them to the site by hand. Identical controls for processing quotes after they have been approved or approved by the administrator by hand.

Following persons have added to this plug-in. The problem with the length of listings has been resolved.

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