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Mr Kunjesh Parihar is CEO and Managing Director of Adspace. When you are working in the media and communications industry, you know how many changes have taken place in recent years, especially on the Internet. Times+Space Media is one of Canada's most respected media agencies, providing research, strategy and performance marketing and advertising services. Normally, an advertiser goes to a media buyer with a certain budget that he can spend on a campaign. With our bath media, advertisers can segment by venue, media, location and gender.

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Recognizing for his customers the power of media and media in-store retailing to increase revenues and profit margin and, just as importantly, to give shop owner full ownership of these advertisements, James was able to help his company create a more compelling and compelling brand experience. As well as controlling promotional contents, this enables them to create a source of profit for these property holders by selling promotional space at either municipal, provincial or domestic levels.

Supported by a dedicated development group, the Ad Manager local ad client solution was born. Our top level executive teams, together with our teams of professionals, IT specialists and programme designers, are committed to increasing your product and client recognition through the use of this specialised media campaign specifically created for the local media industry.

Together with you and your entire staff, we look forward to tapping the full scope of this fascinating new venture. Easily and intuitively insert and edit your own ads using the easy-to-use, menu-driven ad management tool. These contents are now available on the webhost. Every 2 minutes, each unit will connect to the servers via Wi-Fi, if the application finds that new contents have been downloaded, it will automatically load the contents and playback them on the TV.

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When you are working in the media and communication sector, you know how many changes have taken place in recent years, especially on the web. Relatively young individuals in the sector also had to hurry to keep up with the time. Thus, for example, a student who completed a main course in communication in 2004 still learned the old styles of media and advertisement.

The emergence of electronic commerce has flooded things that used to be a strength of the media business, such as the sale of ad space, with fierce competitive pressures, and communication companies have often been injured when long-time advertisers move their money to another business. And all this - the evolving market, the increasing desire for new ways, the manifold possibilities for hyperdirected advertisement, the detailled analysis methods are both chance and challenges for media and communication companies.

Messages and relevant contents will always be the best way to advertise where the consumer will see them. This is why the entire marketer is switching to blended media - they' re finding out what the messages have always known. They must offer the client something of value in return for using the amount of extra effort and focus on the associated promotional and promotional materials.

Most media companies that are satisfied with their long-term revenues and confident that they can withstand the changes in the global arena have not innovated as quickly over time as some of the newer actors in the on-line arena. As a result, blogs, digital periodicals and other on-line source materials grabbed some of the revenues that radios, televisions and papers used to capture.

As a result, a loophole has arisen that must be closed with aggressively sold products in order to regain the previously held shares of the media and communication markets. Communication companies are faced with increasingly tight budget constraints as they streamline their processes, externalize their print and supply activities, and work with skeletal people.

Externalize your distribution team. Have your ad revenue come from sellers we find, recruit, coach and fund. Just as subcontracting print services to us will help the media industries retain their advantage, subcontracting distribution to us will enhance your agility, help your media company attract top selling talents and eliminate competitors.

Working with the media, we know how to find powerful individual salespeople who own and smash your business in the following industries: No matter whether your media business sells ad space in printed, broadcasting or on-line format, you know how important it is for your company's healthcare to have a resilient ad contact ecosystem, a growing portfolio of prospects and a high level of convertibility.

Having evolved with this business, we have earned our customers ad revenues through various media, as well as via our own private labelling programmes. Start accessing your new distribution pros today!

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