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Advertising shop online

Expand your business with AdShop, a self-service real-time advertising platform. You can create your entire campaign online in the advertising shop. SHOP - ONLINE-SHOP - LOOK - LOGBOOK - SHOP - ABOUT/CONTACT. The consumers could buy directly from the display advertising. Take a look at the weekly SHOP'n SAVE ad, download our newsletter or check out next week's offers.

Ad Shop

Publishers can use this modul to provide their advertisers with added value in conjunction with a traditional newspaper ad or even better with an online ad campaign. Advertisement shop comprises a single, two-page web shop that can be accessed via a hyperlink in the online business index. A page for corporate information and updates, the other for a product list.

There can be 2 different ways of doing this: a Windows shopping edition only to display the product or an order list edition in which the customer can order it. Adshop allows a publishers to provide a bundle of a printed ad, a online business ad campaign, an online business entry and a web shop.

Your web shop could be linked directly from the webshop.

Use AdShop to promote your company, product or website.

And AdShop is the premier self-service ad space for real-time ad. Recommend & Earn 10% for 3 month and post image banner ad! Just choose what type of audiences you want to reach, what your budgets are and where you want to direct the persons who ticked on your ad. Explore high-quality user experience with AdShop's real-time agent-based scheduling algorithms that display the right news at the right moment.

Advertise your shop to new ad operators and get 10% of your advertising revenue for 3 month! Promote your ad with AdvertShop and benefit from these features: Enter your website url and choose the site you want to use. * Get 20% more for six month if you go live with the ad code and are authorized within 24 hrs of signing up.

Don't let a counterfeit online shop cheat you.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warns online buyers not to dress up as legitimately online merchants and sell often well-known brand names at very competitive rates. By 2017, ACCC's Scamwatch services had already reported more than 1000 online fraud cases totaling more than $150,000.

Juvenile Aussie aged 18 to 24 years formed the largest group of individuals who claimed to lose cash to online shoppers cheaters. It is worrying that Scamwatch's stats also show that almost every second person who reports fraud has dropped in. "Australia's loved to shop online and fraudsters take full advantage of this by creating counterfeit sites that look like real online shops, complete with professional-looking designs, stole logo's and even a'.com. au' brand name and/or stole ABN's," said ACCC deputy Delia Rickard.

Mrs. Rickard said that while the often proffesional designs of counterfeit retail sites can make them look almost exactly like the actual business, there were some treacherous scams that customers can look for. "Fraudsters will often ask you to make payments with a bank order, a pre-installed debit or bank draft, even with gifts from well-known merchants.

When you make a pecuniary transaction this way to a fraudster, you will most unlikely see that pecuniary amount again," Mrs. Rickard said. All of us enjoy a good deal, the larger the better, but cheaters take advantage of it and will use the "fear of missing" to tarnish your judgment. Obviously, there are many great reviews that can help you keep away from a counterfeit retailer," Ms. Rickard said.

Prevent any agreement with a foreigner requesting an advance deposit by bank order, bank remittance, bank draft, bank draft, prepaid cards or eCurrency. Don't ever monetize, give your credentials or online bank information to someone you don't know or trust, and never by e-mail. If you make online purchases, you only buy products with a safe online checkout system - look for a web address that starts with "https" and a locked lock icon, or a checkout solution like PayPal.

Consider it twice before using your own currency like Litcoin - they don't have the same protection as other payment methodologies, so you can't get your cash back once you mailed it. Better online shops have access to advanced complaints or redress procedures if anything goes bad.

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