Ad Posting Job Weekly Payment

Advertisement Job Weekly Payment

Each month you must make a minimum number of ads to get paid. All we see is all the weekly work. Weekly / Monthly / Payment at your time. Sending SMS, reading EMAIL, filling out forms and job postings daily deserve no goal. Paying directly from us.

Organic weekly payment. His optional work.

Advertisement Job advertisement

As the name suggests, Ad Posting Job is his 100% ad posting job. An interesting part, such as how our ad posting job is much better than the other ad posting jobs on the web, is that we offer 100% real ad posting jobs & payment is much higher & job flex is very simple.

But you can pay for every ad you posted here - regardless of whether it was selected or not. There'?s no latent rule or regulation here, you get your hands on your work. We are now associated with more than 1 million websites & businesses and market their ad campaign.

Remember, before you start reading the FAQ's, we will not ask you to join Adwords or any other chargeable web site to get to work. There is no need to make a payment once you have registered. Once I have submitted the paper on schedule, when will I receive the accuracy/check and payment reports?

Once your work has been submitted within 7-10 business working days, you will receive the Accuracy Review via your email address and the payment, if any, will be sent according to the payment method you have specified in the My Account section. Which is a job advertisement? Like the name suggests, Ad Posting Job is very easy, where all you have to do is post ads on various classified websites, blogs and forums.

Are there any prerequisites for starting this ad posting job? Where can I get the Ad Matter & List of Classifieds sites, blogs & forums from? Once you have signed up with us, after activating your profile, you will be able to log into my profile area, click on the advertising orders in the category Premier Job and get to work.

The members area includes tens of millions of advertising issues from various businesses, free classifieds, blogs & forums. Do I have to place advertisements for all advertising issues listed in the member area? You can select any Ad Matter & Any Free classifieds or Blog or Forum for posting.

Will there be a timeout for each ad placement & how much is the working day and month to get payed? You have no ad delivery timeout, you can work your working times whenever you want, no limitations. We do not have a booking limitation per day, you can publish any number of ads.

All we see is the total month's work. You must make a certain number of advertising insertions every months in order to be eligible for payment. Executive Plan - You must make at least 500 ad impressions in a single months to be eligible for payment. You can place a total of 2000 advertisements in one months.

Professional Plan - You must have at least 500 ad impressions in a single months to be eligible for payment. You can place a total of 3000 advertisements in one months. Will I be charged if I place less than 500 advertisements in a single months? However, if you publish less than 500 advertisements in one months, you will not be charged, but the advertisements will be carried over to the next monthly period and payment will be made once you have closed at least 500 of them.

Let's say you only placed 175 advertisements in January and 325 in February. The Jan monthly work of 175 advertisements with 325 advertisements of the February and the total payment for 500 advertisements to you is done here. Briefly, to be eligible for a month's pay, you must publish at least 500 advertisements, which applies to both the Executive Plan and the Professional Plan.

What do I get for each ad placement? Are the above winnings only for ad placement or do we only receive them after they have been selected or a sales transaction has been made? This payment, referred to in point 7 as normal income, is intended only for the publication of advertisements in freely accessible web sites, forums or blogs.

You will be charged for every ad you post, whether it was viewed by someone or a sales is created through it. Are there any types of precision that should be scored for ad placement? No, you get all the ads you need, everything you need to copy them and put them in your mailbox.

Are there any kind of softwares I will get for this ad placement project? Yes, you will receive an ad placement tool. In this way, you can publish any ad in seconds. It is also possible to get the application from , which will help you to quickly fill in the form on your website.

How will the ad placement process work? Proceeding is quite easy, first you have to open a free ad, there you will find the free ad placement link, just click on it. This will open a new page where you will have to enter the ad matters detail & Just click Post Ad.

It'?s very easy. When you use our advertising management system, a click is all it takes to complete and automatically submit the entire ad placement request to you. If you want to see things for yourself, just open , you will find the following link: Mail Ads click it and try to send a mail. The same posting method is used for all classed establishments.

How many advertisements can I publish in a given date on a given website? You should not publish more than 10 advertisements per website per day. The same ad should not be replicated on a free website. You will receive thousand of advertising offers & classifieds websites and boards as mentioned above.

Better place different advertisements on different sites. Certain sites set limits on the amount of advertising that can be sent each day to stop spamming. Once you have published each ad, you will need to insert its address on our report servers. Please refer to the Ad Positing Job User Manual for more information once you have signed up as a member of My Account.

Is it going to be something like, do I have to be paying cash to web sites before I post messages there? There is no need to place an ad in a classified ad that you have already subscribed to. Most of the time all sites have free and payed advertisements, you just have to go with Free Ad Posting. How and when do I get payed? Payment is sent every Monday between 7 and 15 May.

If the payment is not made on or before the fifteenth of the monthly period, it will be repaid on the twenty-second of the monthly period. Payment will be sent according to the payment method you specified in the My Bankroll section. OK, all my points are clear, How can I join this winning ad posting job? Payment can be made as planned, then simply use the Immediate Purchase button at the top right of the page and forward all your payment information.

As soon as we have received the payment information, it will be validated and the bank will activate in a 30 minute to 24 hour period. Once the payment has been validated, it will be enabled within a few hours.

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