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Returns Point Type - Returns and Earnings NSW

To where can I drop off my skip? Have you got suitable beverage receptacles - flasks, tins or boxes - that you would like to give back? Take them to one of our handy collection points such as a RVM, Over the Counter Site (OTC), Automated Depots (AD) or a donation station.

Our self-service machinery offers an excellent opportunity to handle smaller volumes of receptacles, up to 500 pieces in a single operation. Keep your suitable bins in a large returnable pouch or tote. For more information on approved pedestals, see our authorization tools. Drain all fluids from suitable receptacles.

Cut your RVM from your plastics and glasses to reduce your RVM workload. Reset unauthorized bins and cartons for home kerb recycle. Here you can find the closest or prefered point of delivery. Bring your synthetic material receptacles back into the synthetic shaft and your synthetic material receptacles back into the synthetic shaft. Our personnel equipped take-back centers for large tanks are our main product group.

The AD can handle any number of receptacles, but they are the best way to drop off large amounts, 500+. This includes companies such as corners and news agencies that participate in returns and earnings. Small amounts (usually less than 100) of approved OTCs are accepted by the OTC in exchange for a reimbursement in the form of money.

The point of delivery is a place where you can deliver your authorized container. The point of sale is either a redemption point, an automated depot, a point of sale or a donation station. Click here for more information on the individual points of sale. There will be over 660 points of re-entry into NSW in August 2018 and more will be added each weekend.

Look at the homepage of the website's homepage for the current number of points returned. Take-back machines, automated depots, over-the-counter locations and donation stations are of various sorts. Look on the website for the best point of delivery for you. An automatic take-back system is the opposite of a drinks dispenser.

Place an empty suitable beverage receptacle in the return terminals, the receptacle is scan to make sure it is suitable, and then you both: Contribute your refunds to a charitable organisation, college, sport association or local authority group represented at the return terminal. Automatic redemption systems do not accept money.

Yes, look on the website for the redemption terminal that interests you and all the information about the actual situation - whether full or almost full - will be displayed. To see how full a device is to schedule your journey, you can also get the iTunes application from Google Play or iTunes Stores.

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